Hitec Multiplex ParkMaster Pro

Hitec Multiplex ParkMaster Pro

From Hitec:

The ParkMaster Pro: The Original … Re-Mastered!

Prepare for the flights of your life with the latest from Multiplex. Building on the international success of our original ParkMaster 3D, the ParkMaster PRO is the new champion, capable of the most extreme park flyer aerobatics. Square-section carbon fiber spars and longerons produce an unbeatably rigid airframe, while also shaving precious weight. The reinforced motor mount is suitable for more powerful motors, and an optional 4mm carbon firewall plate offers increased stiffness, lower weight and high tech bling! With a stunningly fierce design, the light weight and maneuverable ParkMaster PRO is optimized for outdoor aerobatics and docile handling. It excels in confined spaces and moderate wind and is easily capable of torque-rolls, rolling loops and anything else you can throw at it! Available as a Kit or a Kit Plus version which includes the brushless motor, speed control, propeller with driver and Karbonite servos, the ParkMaster Pro is your next favorite model!


  • Carbon Spars for Maximum Airframe Rigidity
  • CFRP Reinforced Motor Mount for Support and Stability
  • Extremely Rugged Carbon Fiber Undercarriage
  • Docile and Agile Flight Characteristics
  • 3D Aerobatic Capability
  • Low Minimum Airspeed
  • Pre-fabricated Elapor® Foam Components


Wingspan: 38 3/8 in. (975 mm)
Overall Length: 40 1/2 in. (1030 mm)
All-up Weight: Min. 18.4 oz. (520 g)
Total Surface Area: 450 sq. in. (29 dm²)
Total Surface Area Loading: 5.9 oz./sq. ft. (18 g/dm²)
Control Channels: 4 RC functions – Elevator, Rudder, Aileron & Throttle
Flight Time: 5 Minutes
Recommended Battery: 3S 950mAh Li-Po

Includes: HIMAX C 2816-1220 motor, MULTIcont BL-30 S-BEC Speed Controller, 10 x 4.7” Propeller with Adapter, and Four Nano-Karbonite Servos

ParkMaster Pro Kit Version | Est. Street Price: $103.99 – Stock# M214275
ParkMaster Pro Kit Plus Version | Est. Street Price: $205.99 – Stock# M264275
Optional Carbon Firewall | Est. Street Price: $23.99 – Stock# M332609

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