Hitec’s 3D AcroMaster Pro

Hitec’s 3D AcroMaster Pro

Fifteen years after the introduction of our popular AcroMaster, Hitec is releasing the new and improved all-rounder AcroMaster Pro. Designed with all the pizzazz of its predecessor, this upgraded model has advanced features for enhanced performance and versatility while maintaining its famous 3D aerobatic design and reliability. It is perfect for pilots looking to hone their aerobatic maneuvers and 3D masters needing the precision and response required to best demonstrate their expert skill set.


·         New Motor and Undercarriage Support

·         New Anodized Aluminum Chassis

·         Larger Wheels

·         New Velcro Strap Battery Attachment

·         New Wing Locking

·         Ultra-Powerful, Efficient Motor and Controller

·         Metal Gear Hitec HS-82MG Servos for Elevator and Rudder

·         Karbonite Gear Hitec HS-65HB Servos for Ailerons

·         Pre-Painted Canopy

·         Integrated Wingstabbi Mounting Surface Within Fuselage

·         RC Functions: Aileron, Elevator, Motor and Rudder


·         Wingspan: 43.30 in. (1100mm)

·         Length: 45.28 in. (1150mm)

·         Weight: 47.62 oz. (1350g)


Updated: September 26, 2019 — September 26, 2019
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