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HobbyKing Cobra

HobbyKing Cobra

If you like going fast, why not try out a jet? The HobbyKing Cobra is the perfect jet to get you started. We got an opportunity to review this bad boy and I have to tell you we were impressed. Check out the photos below and be sure to watch the video to see what Jason Benson had to say about this very fast plane.

Constructed from durable molded EPO foam, the Cobra comes with ABS plastic hatches and a clear Lexan canopy. All graphics come applied, so ending up with a model that looks exactly like the one depicted on the box is guaranteed. With the exception of an 8S battery and charger and your receiver and radio, everything that you need to get the Cobra airborne is already installed. This includes 11 metal-gear servos, a brushless motor and ducted-fan system, speed control with BEC, retracts, and gear sequencer.  This plane is best suited to the intermediate modeler.  Like I said, if you’re looking for a good first jet model, this is it.

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This plane flies fast and looks outstanding in the air.



Ball link connectors are a great addition, and they have a very solid and direct control connection.



What can I say, this thing looks fantastic on the ground, in the air and anywhere that it can be seen!



Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:25 PM
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  1. Thanks a great review, what is the quality of the retracts like, a few pics of the fan and retracts would have been great. Looks like it fly’s well at all speeds 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  2. Would be nice if there really was a video to watch…..

  3. I read the review Jason Benson wrote in the June 2014 about the HobbyKing COBRA and bought one and the battery packs named in the ( gear used ) so I would be expecting the same as I read. Well I have never gone electric and thought this would be a great start. I was wrong.

    the comment about the wiring board that makes wiring your new model ” a no-brainier ” I now find insulting and also would have liked to see a clear diagram of just how to plug all the wires in.
    the battery leads will not plug into the esc and I am now sitting here with over $500.00 of China junk . If you could please help me I will thank you.

    John Staudt


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