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Airborne Video Camera with viewing screen and mounting bracket

FlyCamOne3, the evolution of light-weight video recording and viewing. The FCO3 Core Set (FC3000) includes the video recorder, 2” video screen and camera mounting plate. You can view your recordings directly on the 2” TFT screen without the need for additional equipment. In the past, you needed to have your PC or laptop to watch your recorded videos. The screen is removed for flight and replaced by the mounting plate.

Transform your FlyCamOne3 into FPV – First Person Video with the addition of the FlyCamOne3 Transmitter Set (FC3002). The screen is replaced by the 2.4 GHz transmitter module; now the camera sends the video to the receiver that is connected to the screen. The camera is still recording to the SD card as well as sending live video footage to the screen on the ground. When using the Transmitter Set, your aircraft radio system cannot be on 2.4 GHz. In the near future, the receiver module will be able to connect to FlyCamOne3 V-Eyes (FC3004) for a bird’s eye view, in real time, of the video stream from your model.

The FlyCamOne3 GPS Module (FC3007 – Coming Soon!) will send information on altitude, speed and direction during flight. With a receiver that has 3 additional free channels, full head tracking will be possible (pan, tilt, start/stop). The pan and tilt functions are built into the camera and do not require additional servos. The functions Pan, Tilt, and On/Off can be controlled on the ground by the 868 MHz transmitter/receiver FlyCamOne3 LinX (FC3005) without using the model’s radio transmitter. Use the FlyCamOne3 Receiver Cable (FC3009) to control Pan, Tilt, and Shutter Release from your radio transmitter.

Camera Module: 3-7/8″ x 2″ x 5/8″, 62 grams including mounting plate, 500 mAh Lipo, VGA resolution, 28 FPS, 2 internal step motors for Pan and Tilt via separate cable, Infrared motion sensor for automatic recording, requires a Micro SD card with a minimum of 4MB writing speed up to 8 GB storage.


Updated: July 16, 2015 — 11:15 AM
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