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Fly from the RC cockpit with PilotViewFPV

Available from Hobby Lobby International PilotViewFPV offers a breakthrough in the way you fly radio controlled aircraft. With this system you will be flying from the cockpit of your own model! Camera with transmitter weighs only 35 grams (1.24 ounces)! Have you ever dreamed of climbing into the cockpit with the Blue Angels? Well, now you can! The PilotViewFPV system was designed for use in radio controlled model aircraft, but that is only the beginning as far as possible uses. PilotViewFPV may be used in radio controlled cars and boats, and helium balloons and kites present exciting possibilities.


Extreme sports participants in skydiving, snowboarding, and mountain biking can now share their experiences real time with friends and family! The future is here now.

FPV2400 “Pilot View FPV 2400” First Person Video Camera ….. $ 549.00


PilotViewFPV Package Contents:

  • Video Goggles
  • Light blocker for video goggles
  • Spare nosepiece for video goggles
  • Control cable for video goggles (with battery installed)
  • Adapter cables for video goggles (RCA connectors, IPod style connector, 3.5mm jack connectors)
  • Earphones for video goggles
  • Remote control for video goggles
  • USB charger for video goggles
  • Camera with integrated transmitter and power supply
  • Bracket and screws for camera
  • Receiver unit
  • RCA cable for receiver unit
  • Antenna for receiver unit

* Please Note! – Pilot View FPV 2400 will not work with 2.4GHz radios

Updated: September 19, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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