Hobby Lobby “RCM Funster” ARF V2

Hobby Lobby “RCM Funster” ARF V2


Do you remember the RCM Funster!

Well, the folks at Hobby Lobby have come out with a new V2 version of their ARF. This great second plane is just like a Telemaster .40, but with a low wing and tricycle landing gear. This great “old time” sport design was originally offered as a balsa kit but now is laser cut and pre-built. Whether you power the Funster with an electric motor or a glow engine it is an exciting all-out blast from the past and you’ll be doing touch and goes all day long with the flaps down.



72-1/2″ wingspan

53″ long

846 sq. in. wing area

83 oz. flying weight.

15 oz. per sq. ft. wing loading.


It’s easy to transport with a 2-piece wing. The control surfaces are pre-cut and slotted, but not glued in. The flaps are driven from a single servo mounted in one wing panel and the ailerons are driven by separate servos.


The package incudes a motor mount for a .40  to .46 size equivalent outrunner motor. A hatch on top of the fuselage provides easy access to the battery tray or fuel tank. 


Assembly takes only about 6 to 8 hours. Requires a 5-Channel radio with: Ailerons (2 servos), Flaps, Elevator, Rudder/Nose Gear, and Throttle. If built with a glow engine, one additional servo is required for throttle.



Updated: July 10, 2015 — 10:56 AM


  1. I still have the first ” Funster ” kit. Still in the box, never put the thing together. Maybe one of these days I will get it built. I just don’t build like I use to anymore. Buy & fly mostly prebuilt fomies now.

  2. I have three of those incredible kits 2 are flyable third will be soon, I am going electric on two and a nice os la 46 on my first one. What a sweet plane to fly! build yours you will be so glad you did.

  3. Is this kit still available for purchase?

    1. Tom did you ever find the kit or ARF for sale anywhere?

      1. Carolina Custom Kits picked up many of the old Hobby Lobby planes; Telemaster, Funster, etc. They sell the Funster kit. I don’t believe they do the ARF anymore. I think they do their own laser cutting in the US. The Balsa Workbench, a US wood cutter, was also cutting short kits of the Funster in different sizes.

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