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Twister US Coast Guard RTF Co-Axial RC Helicopter

Main rotor diameter 340mm (13-3/8″), fuselage length 435mm (17-1/8″), flying weight 230g (8-1/4 oz.). Twister comes with a 4 Channel 72 MHz FM R/C Transmitter, 7.4V 2-cell 800 mAh lipo battery, lipo battery balance charger, piezo electronic gyro stabilization, 2 extra sets of main rotor blades, and an instructional flight training DVD. Flight duration is 10-15 minutes per charge. Whether you prefer the famous orange and white colors of the US Coast Guard’s full size helicopter or the camouflage of the Australian Army’s Hawk, you can’t go wrong with these easy to fly, flight-tested co-axial helicopters. From the authentic oleo landing gear detail to the canted 4-blade tail rotor, these beautifully crafted scale masterpieces look so realistic in flight that you can almost feel the ‘whump’ of the rotor blades and smell the exhaust haze! Both helicopters are completely suited to people with no RC flying experience.

Twister US Coast Guard RTF Co-Axial RC HelicopterUnmatched flight stability!
The amazing hovering stability makes other helicopters in this class seem twitchy by comparison. The turbulence damping and stability-enhancing characteristics of this amazing fuselage have to be seen to be believed! Enhanced by the PEGS3 piezo gyro, the latest generation system electronics add to a flying experience that we believe is truly smoother and more realistic than any other micro helicopter out there!

Flight Simulator USB cable INCLUDED
Designed so that you can practice flying on the FREE FMS flight simulator first by using this lead connected to your transmitter and to your PC. Then when you’re ready, simply disconnect the lead from the transmitter and use it to go flying for real!

Low Battery Warning – LBW
A low battery warning system activates a blue flashing beacon, located behind the main rotors, when it’s time to land and recharge. As any experienced electric flight pilot will tell you, it’s easy to fly for a few seconds too long and ruin your lipo battery, making it impossible to recharge your battery.

MOPS- Motor Overload Protection System
The revolutionary MOPS (Motor Overload Protection System) helps prevent damage to your drive motors and speed controller by killing the motors automatically on blade-stopping tip-overs, then automatically re-energizing the system some seconds later! So no more burned out motors or batteries, and you can kiss those smoking speed controllers goodbye!

State-of-the-art electronics in one package
The new version ‘4-in-1’ on-board electronics package includes a 6 channel receiver, piezo gyro, electronic mixers and speed controllers PLUS a computer fail-safe, an LED system check, and a motor safe-start facility!

Fail-Safe and Safe-Start
The fail-safe cuts power to the main motor in the event of transmitter failure. The safe-start circuit only allows starting when the throttle stick is in the low position, so there is no danger of connecting the flight battery and inadvertently sending power instantly to the motors.

Professional Transmitter
Transmitter is designed for precision helicopter flying. It is a 72 MHz Mode II unit with high quality sticks for total control. The transmitter incorporates molded ergonomic grips, metal adjustable sticks, and a USB Flight Simulator socket.

High performance LiPo battery and charger system
Both a 12 Volt automatic DC charger PLUS a 110 Volt AC adaptor are included, giving the option of charging from a 12 Volt power source directly or from the 110 Volt wall plug. Charge time is around 1 hour. (in red) We recommend attending the charging processes at all times.

Spare Parts
Hobby Lobby stocks a full line of spare parts for Twister RC helicopters.

Parts photo of Twister US Coast Guard RTF Co-Axial RC Helicopter
Here’s how Twister USCG comes out of the box
Twister US Coast Guard RTF Co-Axial RC Helicopter
Updated: July 16, 2015 — 4:01 PM
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