HobbyKing Aerosport 103 GP/EP Scale Ultralight Balsa 2390mm (ARF)

HobbyKing Aerosport 103 GP/EP Scale Ultralight Balsa 2390mm (ARF)

The thrill of open cockpit flying is alive and well with the new Aerosport 103 sport scale ultralight. This 1/3rd scale depicts one of the many popular homebuilt light aircraft and features many scale details.

The Aerosport 103 features a aluminum tube fuselage, with balsa wings and tail. It is designed to accept gas, or electric power options so however you choose to power it, you have options. It includes pilot figure, full hardware package, fuel tank, clear windscreen and fiberglass nose section, along with shock absorbing landing gear with a steerable nose wheel. Details include the aforementioned pilot figure, rudder pedals, control stick plus functional wing struts. The twin booms will accept up to 16″ propellers.

The large wing area, combined with the low wing loading and large tail gives the Aerosport 103 docile handling, perfect for relaxed days at the flying field. Check it out, its a lot of fun cruising the skies low and slow! (Its the way to go)


  • Almost Ready to Fly – Complete final assembly, install electronics, power system, and fly!
  • Wing and tail sections pre-built with vibrant multi-colored film covering
  • Light weight aluminum alloy fuselage and wing struts recreates the full size
  • Gas or electric options
  • Steerable tricycle landing gear
  • Two piece removable wing panels
  • Pilot figure included along with other scale detail features
  • Large wing area for smooth, stable flight characteristics


Wing Span: 2390mm
Length: 1550mm
Weight: 4700g


  • 4+ Channel transmitter and receiver
  • 20~30cc Gas engine or 120~170 class, 400~580kv brushless motor
  • 6S 22.2V 5000mAh Lipoly (electric power)
  • 100A ESC (electric power)
  • 4~5 Standard servos

579000001-0 – $465.67

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:20 PM

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  1. I have one of these and the HobbyKing parts list bears no relation to what you actually need for this model! it says you need 4 – 5 standard servos when in actual fact it needs 3 thin wing servos (Elevator, Rudder & nose wheel) and 2 standard servos if electric and the choice of electric motor stated on HobbyKing website wont power this model either! what they also don’t tell you is that they supply a 900g lump of lead you need to balance this model if you go electric, if you go gas it will require a much large lump of lead….. but once you solve all these issues its a lovely model 🙂

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