HobbyKing Ather 3700 EP Glider Balsa/Composite 3715mm (ARF)

HobbyKing Ather 3700 EP Glider Balsa/Composite 3715mm (ARF)

Bigger flies better!.. it’s the old adage. The HobbyKing Ather 3700 motor glider lives up to that with its light weight, and large wing span. A simple model great for lazy summer days cruising around under power or soaking up the thermals.

The Ather arrives as an almost ready to fly model, allowing you to customize it how you choose. Though it is a large model, the wing breaks down into 4 pieces, plus the tail parts bolt to the fuselage, meaning it will fit it all but the smallest of vehicles. The large volume fuselage pod gives plenty of space for battery and other equipment. Access is also ultra easy through the large carbon fiber canopy hatch. Large flaps slow the model down for feather light landings.

The large wing, along with a generous amount of wing dihedral makes the Ather 3700 ultra stable. This makes it relaxing to fly. If you have never flown a large model, the Ather is confidence inpiring, a great way to enter large model flying.


  • Almost Ready to Fly – Complete final assembly, install electronics, and fly!
  • Built up balsa wing and tail surfaces covered light weight iron on film
  • Fiberglass fuselage pod, with woven carbon fiber boom.
  • 4 piece wing for easy transport
  • Large barn door flaps slow model down nicely for spot landings
  • Bolt on tail surfaces
  • Complete hardware pack


Wingspan: 3700mm
Length: 1861mm
Flying Weight: 2300g w/o battery


  • 5 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
  • 4~5S 14.8~18.5V 3300~5000mAh Lipoly Battery
  • 60~80A Brushless ESC
  • 6 x 22g Servos
  • 4248 650kv Brushless motor
  • 50mm Spinner and Folding Prop

#9110000026-0 – $259.84

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:20 PM


  1. What size folding prop is recommended for this model. Nowhere is the length or pitch mentioned
    A) using a 4 cell Lipo AND
    B) using a 5 cell Lipo

    1. Impossible question to answer – it all depends on the motor selected – need power output and the Kv of the windings. Suggest that you check out ecalc on line with the model specs and also the motor selected. An example for 3S is the HK gliderdrive 840Kv and a 13×7 prop. On 4S and even more so with 5S the prop would be ridiculously small and inefficient. This is a gentle thermal glider – NOT a rocket ship.

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