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HobbyKing Avios Grand Tundra 1700mm (67″) Sports Model (PNF) [VIDEO]

HobbyKing Avios Grand Tundra 1700mm (67″) Sports Model (PNF) [VIDEO]

From HobbyKing:
Introducing the highly anticipated and eagerly awaited, Avios Grand Tundra. Don’t miss out! Secure your Grand Tundra Today

The Durafly Tundra has a massive cult following within the RC community and rightfully so as It’s easily one of the best flying models on the market with an impressive flight envelope. The overwhelming success of the Tundra fueled our ambition to design a larger version of the Durafly Tundra. Following in the footsteps of its smaller cousin, the Grand Tundra encompasses all your favorite features but on a larger scale.

Enjoy short take-off and landings with huge 90-degree flaps, wing vortex generators, large tundra wheels, optional floats, navigation lights and much more. The Grand Tundra happily flies on 4S, however, on 6S you’ll realize there is another side to the GT. This is when the GT comes to life as it’s no ordinary PNF model. If you have never tried skis or floats then this plane is for you and its something that everyone must try as there is nothing like landing or taking off on water. Note: Floats and Skis are optional.

The Grand Tundra is an impressive RC aircraft with a huge presence in the air. The wide flight envelope makes for a very forgiving aircraft giving you the confidence to challenge yourself. From slow flight through to fast aerobatics, the Grand Tundra does it all with such finesse. Featuring metal gear servos, ball-linked control rods, glider tow point and navigational lights – Attach your camera to the FPV cockpit tray to put yourself in the driver’s seat for a truly epic ride.

Adventure awaits with the Avois Grand Tundra.


  • Wide flight envelope for stability
  • 90-degree flaps for short take-off and landing
  • Quality metal gear servos and ball-linked control rods
  • Large soft Tundra wheels with actuating suspension
  • Wing vortexes
  • Cockpit tray for FPV cameras
  • Navigational and landing lights
  • Available in two schemes – Blue & Silver and Green & Gold
  • Glider tow point
  • Generous battery bay
  • Optional Floats and Skis


Wingspan: 1700mm (66.9″)
Length: 1260mm (49.6″)
Motor: SK3 5045 500kV
ESC: Aerostar 60A RVS Reversing ESC
Propeller: 17×8 for 4S battery OR 16×8 for 6S battery


  • 1 x 7 channel radio/receiver
  • 1 x 4-6S 4000mAh Lipo Battery

Note: Optional Floats/Skis are not available for Pre-Order at the present time, but will be available soon

#9499000262-0 – Avios Grand Tundra – Green/Gold 1700mm (67″) Sports Model (PNF) – $349.87
#9499000263-0 – Avios Grand Tundra – Blue/Silver 1700mm (67″) Sports Model (PNF) – $349.87
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HobbyKing Avios Grand Tundra 1700mm (67") Sports Model (PNF) HobbyKing Avios Grand Tundra 1700mm (67") Sports Model (PNF) HobbyKing Avios Grand Tundra 1700mm (67") Sports Model (PNF) HobbyKing Avios Grand Tundra 1700mm (67") Sports Model (PNF) HobbyKing Avios Grand Tundra 1700mm (67") Sports Model (PNF)

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  1. I just finished putting my green and gold Grand Tundra together, Very well designed plane BUT the graphics really SUCK !!! On the vertical stab one side was over a 1/4 ” off from lining up and the cowel ares did not line up and the edges are very ragged. You think for $ 350.00 there would be better quality control !!!

  2. Got one for last Christmas as a gift,after five flights the motor and esc burnt guys in the hobby says this is a common problem with the plane I am very disappointed with HobbyKing response to rectify with a better power the plane first week of December 2019

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