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HobbyTown & RadioShack News

HobbyTown & RadioShack News

If you miss being able to buy soldering tools and electrical equipment at RadioShack, you’re in luck: they just signed a deal with HobbyTown USA to open “express stores” inside 50 of its partner’s stores, both companies said Friday. The deal was signed this week, and potentially, the express stores could be opened in up to 100 of HobbyTown’s 140 stores. If successful, they could expand to all the hobby chain’s locations. The first express stores will open next week.

The HobbyTown deal will bring the stores to more suburban towns. “This will expand their footprint quickly,” HobbyTown President Bob Wilke, adding that “Radio Shack’s merchandise and customers complement ours.” HobbyTown is purchasing the RadioShack merchandise and offering it to its hobbyist customers who need the tools, wires and other accessories that RadioShack makes.

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