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Full Spectrum Laser Cutter, a 40-Watt hobby grade laser review — with Video

Full Spectrum Laser Cutter, a 40-Watt hobby grade laser review — with Video

After several years of RC modeling use, the compact laser cutter from Full Spectrum Laser, is still going strong and has been almost completely maintenance free. If you’ve ever wanted to get a laser cutter for your workshop, check out this product review.  This impressive, easy to used unit is designed especially for the hobbyists and small home businesses wanting production quality results.  The 5th Gen Hobby Laser Cutter has a 20×12 inch work area and has a water-cooled glass laser tube rated at 40 watts. It is ideal for most RC model builder projects and it has several impressive features that are normally found on much more expensive units.

Full Spectrum Laser Cutter Review

The table-top 5th Gen 20×12 Hobby Laser Cutter & Engaver is the perfect choice for any serious RC model builder.

The detailed review was published in the May 2015 issue of MAN.


Full Spectrum Laser Cutter Review

Quality CNC manufactured parts and optics

Full Spectrum Laser Cutter Review

The 40Watt Hobby Laser is very easy to run and you can control it with any PC or laptop.

The driver program that controls the laser allows you to “print” you designs directly to the laser using any program that allows printing. That includes CorelDraw, AutoCAD, (or any other CAD program), PhotoShop and even MS Word!


This job was done using Microsoft Word as the program.


Precise and easy to use, the Hobby Laser makes short work of all hobby related materials from Balsa and Lite Ply to birch plywood, fiberglass sheet (G-10) and even cast acrylic material. From cutting model parts to engraving RC event trophies, this 40 watt laser cutter and engraver is perfect for any RC modeler’s workshop.

Full Spectrum Laser Cutter Review

Precision parts cut from all popular RC building materials.

The best thing about this laser cutter is that it is industrial grade and it is manufactured in the USA so there is no problem with service and replacement parts. It is ideal for the serious RC modeler and it is a great first step to starting a home business. Besides laser cutting model parts, you can also engrave trophies, (both wood and acrylic) and it has many accessories to do top shelf laser work like rotary etching on bottles, glasses or other cylindrical parts.


This is the original drawing loaded into the laser driver. It appears in the window and the pink section shows what has already been engraved.


The finished engraving enhanced with water colors applied by hand and brush.


One of several awards made for the Old Rhinbeck Aerodrome 50th Annual Jamboree. Gold filled after engraving into Walnut plaque.


Impressive cast acrylic awards engraved in mirror image on the back to show through to the front of the award.

The original MAN review appeared in the May 2015 issue of MAN. You can also see the entire back issue article in the Digital edition of MAN.

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  1. Looks like a great piece of equipment

  2. Who from and how much, must have one

  3. This is a hobby class laser…I’ve had one for 2 years. I had to do some adjustments not specified in the manual or you tube videos to align the beam in the centre of the lens to get perpendicular vector cuts. This included drilling two new holes for the lens mount in the Z-axis!

    1. Ancelb… the beam doesn’t have to be in the center of the mirror… that sounds dangerous and silly

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