Photos & Winners 12 O’Clock High RC Warbirds

Photos & Winners 12 O’Clock High RC Warbirds

The 12 O’ Clock High RC Warbird is another great event brought to us by Frank Tiano for aircraft that were flown in the timeframe between 1914 and 1954. The event is not a competition but one of the best fly ins at one of the best flying facilities there is. A great event that every warbird pilot can enjoy. From December 8 – 10 the flying went from 8:30am till 5:30pm daily.

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(above) Bob Curry and his beautiful P-47 Thunderbolt were typical of pilots and planes at this successful first time event!

The Paradise Field location near Lakeland Linder  airport has a beautifully cared for their new 800x 75 foot grass runway. Add to this a Pilot Party and Special Awards and you got a great time for anyone with a military aircraft point of view. Watch for a full report by MAN Contributor Rich Uravitch in the April issue of MAN coming soon.

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Winners of Special Awards 

AWARD                      SPONSORED BY                  WINNER                         PLANE

Best WW1                     Glenn Torrance Models         Randy Williams             Morane Saulnier A-1

Best Pre WW2             Horizon Hobby                         Curtis Switzer                 Curtiss B-2

Best WW2                     DaVinci Machining                  Frank Tiano                     P-47    “Blonde Angel”

Best Post WW2           Nick Ziroli Plans                        Tom Smith                       Hawker Sea Fury

Best Multi-Engine     FTE                                                  Pedro Sanchez                Mitchell B-25

Best Jet                         Dream Works RC                         Ryan Haldenwanger    Me-262     

Best Craftsmanship  ZAP Glue                                         Bob Violett                      T-33

Most Realistic Flight  Model Airplane News             Dino DiGiorgio               P-47 Thunderbolt

Best “Dogfighter”       Fly RC                                              Dave Barry                      SE-5A

Fly Girls Favorite       Fly Girls                                         Greg Foushi                     LA-7

Critics Choice               Horizon Hobby & FTE              Scott Prossen                 P-47 “Raid Hot Mama”

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