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Hot New Performers from Legend Hobby

Hot New Performers from Legend Hobby

We’re all excited about this, all these great performers are shipping Friday! If you are looking for an alternative to big heavy-metal WW II warbirds, the folks at Legend Hobby, have just what you’re looking for.

Be sure to visit to view their lines of Seagull Models, Legend Hobby ,Top RC Models, RCGF USA Stinger engines and EME engines, and to check out these unusual and exciting RC flyer picks.

Seagull Models 102-Inch Savage Shock Cub 35cc-50cc

Available in two color schemes, the Savage Shock Cub with its leading-edge slats and huge flaps, is especially designed for slow, crawling flights for extremely STOL short runway operations. Free Embroidered Seagull Logo Baseball Hat and protective mask are also included.

Wingspan:  102 in.

Wing area:  1,802.7 sq. in.

Flying weight: 21.0 lbs.

Length: 68.2 in.

Rec’d engine size: 35cc – 50cc gasoline engine. (Electric Conversion Included).

Radio required: 7-channels (with 8 servos).

Skill level: intermediate/advanced.

Price: $749.95

Features include: High quality lightweight balsa and balsa plywood construction, accurate scale outine and appearance,) including airfoiled tail surfaces), detailed cockpit, pre-painted fiberglass cowl, and aluminum back plate plastic hub spinner.

Also included are, strong scale aluminum landing gear with oversized 5.5 inch tires, CNC aluminum machined tail gear strut, factory-applied Oracover covering, airfoil shaped aluminum wing struts, plug-in 2-piece wing, (includes wing bag set to protect wing panels while storing), and high quality 20.28 oz. fuel tank. Note: Servos, radio gear, engines/motor/batteries not included!

ALL NEW Seagull Models 102″ Savage Shock



Seagull Models 71″ Classic Ugly Stick

Available in the popular red color scheme and also in a blue color scheme, The Seagull Models 71″ Classic Ugly Stick is a valued design! For intermediate to advanced pilots, the Seagull Classic Ugly Stick delivers strong sport performance using either gas or glow engines and electric power conversions. This quality ARF includes improved counter balanced rudder for more dynamic flight, while its strong laser-cut balsa and plywood construction offers a sturdy and lightweight airframe. Covered with genuine Oracover, it is a great sport aerobat airplane with pre-cut decals.

Wingspan: 70.9 in.

Wing area: 1,033.2 sq. In.

Length: 57.8 in.

Flying weight: 7.7 lbs.

Skill level: Intermediate

Radio req’d: 4-channels (with 5-servos)

Rec’d engine size: 10cc-15cc gas (electric motor conversion kit included)

Price: $225.95

Needed To Complete: 10cc-15cc Gas Engine, Fuel Line, 4-6 Channel Radio System with 5-6 Servos

Note: Servos, radio gear, engines/motor/batteries, not included.

Seagull Models Classic Ugly Stick



Seagull Models Olive P-26A Peashooter

How about a taste of military aviation from the 1920 and 30s? Available in Olive and Blue, the P-26 peashooter comes with a very nice decal package so that you can finish the plane to look like the one on the box cover. The flying wires add a nice touch, and they are functional on the bottom of the wing to support and strengthen the landing gear.

Wingspan: 71.0 in.

Wing area: 965.7 sq. In.

Flying weight: 13.7 – 14.1 lbs.

Length: 62.2 in.

Skill level: intermediate/advanced.

Req’d radio system: 6 channels (with 8 servos).

Rec’d engine size: 30cc gasoline engine (electric conversion included).

Price: $389.95

Features include, high quality balsa and balsa plywood, these make light weight construction, eye catching scale color scheme, two-piece, plug-in wing with functional flaps which is easy and quick to assemble, come covered in genuine oraccover film, pre-cutting scale decal sheet, factory painted fiberglass engine cowl and wheel paints, fully detailed, factory painted cockpit and pilot figure. All necessary hardware and accessories included, and an electric power conversion id included.

The flaps reduce landing speeds and the fixed undercarriage and braced wing are extremely rugged. The fuselage is well designed, and the firewall is strong enough to handle just about any engine you choose; it has installed hard points for the upper flying wires. Note: servos, radio gear, engines/motor/batteries, not included.

Seagull Models Olive P-26A Peashooter



Legend hobby/Seagull Models Cessna 152

Back by popular demand, the Seagull Models Cessna 152 60-91 ARF was designed for the intermediate/advanced sport flyer and includes a number of great features. Thus semi-scale design is easy to fly and quick to assemble. A great alternative to scale warbirds, the Cessna 152 with its eye catching color scheme (applied with genuine Oracover film), has a lot of sport scale appeal. Its balsa and plywood airframe features balsa sheeting where appropriate to make it stronger than the average ARF, yet the design is kept lightweight. Its two-piece, plug-in wing, scale oleo nose landing gear and painted aluminum main landing gear provide outstanding looks and great control on the ground as well as in the air.

Wingspan: 80 in.

Wing Area: 911.4

Weight: 9.9 lbs.

Length: 57.5 in.

Skill level: Intermediate

Radio req’d: 5 channels (with 8 servos)

Engine/Motor size: .75-.91 2-stroke, 1.20 4 Stroke or 15cc-20cc Gas

Price: $324.95

With the model’s painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, quality hardware and included nose and main gear wheels, experienced modelers can have this classic civilian aircraft ready to fly in 10 to 15 hours.

Legend hobby/Seagull Models Cessna 152



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