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  1. the mounting bolts holding the carburetor to the engine are really tight,seem to be frozen.Is there a method to removing these bolts?

    1. Can you run the engine and try removing while the case is hot?

    Be sure you’re using a new or very recent Phillips and the correct one. Usually #2 is the right one. Easy way to find out is keep putting drivers in till you find one that’s too large, then the size below it is the right one. A correct phillips driver makes these screws really easy to deal with. I worked in a shop where the guys were always damaging screws. We would take their driver, grind the end off, and give them a new one. If the driver is loose in the screw (rotating it), then you probably have the wrong one. There are metric versions, and American ones. Remember the driver should fit tight. If you rub your finger over the head of a phillips screw and you find it rough, the screw is damaged and should be replaced.
    It’s all about the right tools make the job simple.

  3. Cleaning:
    I find Walmarts cheap brand starting fluid (ether) is the best of all for flushing and cleaning around engines. You can drench down the firewall, up the exhaust, the outside of the exhaust, etc and have a clean as new engine all the time. Use ether as solvent to blow out these little port. It evaporates fast and really cleans up things fast.

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