How to exercise a dog with your RC plane

How to exercise a dog with your RC plane

Two of my favorite things: RC planes and dogs! This incredibly fun video showcases Chusty, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever with energy to burn, and a Precision Aerobatics Addiction. It looks like everyone is having a good time, and I’ll bet you can’t watch Chusty’s unbridled enthusiasm for RC without smiling. When asked if the dog ever tries to bite the plane, Chusty’s owner adds, “He comes to a full stop when the plane is on the ground. He used to give it a sniff but now when he knows fun time is over, he just walks back to the car for a rest. I think it might be a very good thing that he’s a retriever and not a terrier (LOL)!” Thanks to rgthd007 for posting this entertaining footage on YouTube.

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:46 PM


  1. This may be a fine way to exercise “your” dog, but I would hope the owner would leave Chusty at home when there are others are flying in the same area. Not all of us like dogs chasing our aircraft!! May be cute be not to others.

    1. I would bet that Chusty’s owner only does this when no one else is waiting to fly. Having other planes flying during this “exercise” would be very dangerous for the dog … too many spinning props.

  2. Love it! My dog, Ike, does the same thing, and it’s even more entertaining because he is a miniature dachshund! I fly a little 750mm foamie at the local multipurpose field (don’t worry, Richard, I’ve never done it when anybody else is using the field!). If I don’t keep it fairly low, Ike loses interest and I have to “strafe” him to get him chasing again. Unlike Chusty, my dog continues the game when I land my plane; he runs over, barks at it and sometimes bumps it with his nose. It’s as if he takes credit for “catching” it.

    1. I forgot to say that I enjoyed the description of Chusty’s enthusiasm as “unbridled.” You get extra points for that one, Debra! : )

  3. I fly my larger Calypso motorglider at a very large park which at dawn leaves me alone with it and a few dog walkers. One retrieving type dog goes nuts and chases the plane even when very high and I think it has to do with a frequency of sound made by the motor, rather than the “flying object”, since the pup ignores gulls, cranes, and the like which also are present. I need to try cutting the power off to see what happens, but my schedule and this particular dog’s don’t overlap often, in fact in a year I have seen it twice. My “field” is a good 1200 feet X 800 and the dog can cover it all, all the while barking like crazy.

  4. Very Good! One of our show collies loves to chase the quad copter we have and it does give him great exercise.

  5. He never let the dog catch the plane!

  6. Funny; but us flyers need more exercise too. Walk the dog first, then fly.

  7. Great video! Thanks for sharing! Make friends, influence people and exercise your dog with the Precision Aerobatics Addiction! Get yours today at!

  8. He needs a bomb drop for treats!

  9. Awww that’s teasing! My dog would never keep up!

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