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Workshop Tip – How To Rebuild a Du-Bro Fueling Valve Fitting

Workshop Tip – How To Rebuild a Du-Bro Fueling Valve Fitting

Over time, fueling valve fitting like those from Du-Bro can become contaminated with debris even if you use an inline fuel filter. Internally, the fueling valves’ O-rings can dry rot and begin to fail over time. Du-Bro even sells a rebuild kit to make the job of restoring your fueling valve to top working condition. Here is a short Workshop video showing how to rebuild you Du-Bro Fuel fitting.

This simple, but very important maintenance task will extend the life and improve your fuel system performance.  and this will cause you problems.  The rebuild kit can make your gas or glow fueling valve work like new.  It is very easy to disassemble the valves and reinstall the new components if you watch this video.

How To Rebuild a Dubro Fuel Fitting

(Above) the Red Filling Valve assembly is for Gasoline fuel systems.

How To Rebuild a Dubro Fuel Fitting

(Above) the Silver Filling Valve assembly is for Glow fuel systems. Both are very easy to overhaul with the Du-Bro Rebuild kit.

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Updated: May 8, 2018 — 10:39 AM


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  1. I like good job

  2. Great how too and very timely I need to refurbish 2 fillers 😀 Thanks

  3. Thanks for the info! Excellent product when maintained. There is nothing more frustrating than one of those that gets stuck open with fuel running down your arm!

  4. I better add that the Du-Bro valve that stuck open was in use for over 10 years! Du-bro = QUALITY!

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