How To Install Hinges

How To Install Hinges

From the workshop of MAN editor Gerry Yarrish, this How To Video demonstrates installing flat Du-Bro control hinges in your RC airplane. With more that 85,000 views, this video is a must watch for anyone who wants to start building his or her own RC airplanes from a kit of from plans.


These techniques can also be used to install new hinges next to broken ones to mend a damaged ARF. Gerry uses Du-Bro Hinge Slotting tools and Zap adhesive for this technique.



Since the video was shot, Zap Hinge Glue has been discontinued however, you can use Zap 560 Canopy Glue with similar results.



Updated: March 31, 2016 — 10:48 AM


  1. I use the Great Planes hinge slot machine fast accurate takes all the work out of operation, Gluing I use epoxy warm some Vasoline with your heat gun and dip the hinge in the vasoline (keeps the epoxy out) use a soda straw fill the straw with mixed epoxy (use 30 min.) squeeze the straw into the slot and insert hinges. Strong reliable bond

  2. You said nothing about pinning the hinges. I have used dress pins, I use pin with the head removed in my Dremel to drill the holes through the wood and hinge. I then cut a dress pin to the required length and press into the hole i just drilled. I like to use two pins each side of the hinge. I feel this gives extra security to prevent hinges pulling out of the slots in flight. I must say I enjoyed this video and I certainly learned a couple of things that I will add to my hinging practice.

  3. I prefer to use self made piano wire .8 mm dia. and NO PLASTIC PARTS.One piece of piano wire is only plied, “C” shape, the other is turned up around the center part of the first one. Also this part has tails like “C” shape.The cost is practically zero and the life is indefinite. I glue the tails of both the “C” with epoxy cement to the wood.

  4. Nicely done video Gerry. The only things I would add is that when you are planning your hinge locations it’s nice to avoid the area of the control horn for the bottom hinge; and that you should put some glue on the hinge itself, specifically fill the holes with glue so that when dry, the glue itself helps “pin” the hinge halves in place.. I did not know that the Pacer hinge glue was discontinued. It seemed a lot like aliphatic resin of some kind.

  5. Hey Debra and Gerry, turn on yur spel chekr….the credits at the end goofed on FORMULA.

  6. I like to install my hinges before I cover the top of the wing or stab so I can really be sure I get a really good secure fit. You can get the hinge line really close and tight this way. No straw into the slot. No more glue down the hinge line ever again!

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