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This complete RTF airplane includes all items required for assembly and flight, just add 8 AA transmitter batteries.

  • Large capacity (11.1V-1000mAh), high output Li-Po battery pack is included.
  • DC balancing charger included for stable and convenient outdoor quick charging. (Fully charge the Li-Po battery in about 60 minutes.)
  • A set of high performance brushless motors (Kv: 5300) and two electronic speed controllers are included.
  • 4 channel transmitter system included. (3 channels are used)
  • A user-friendly instruction manual is included.

This complete RTF EP Delta Twin is a high performance radio controlled electric plane. With a lightweight airframe and powerful motors, flying a ducted fan plane has become much easier. Enjoy dynamic high-speed flight with the included high performance brushless motors and high capacity Li-Po battery. Quick and easy Ready-to-Fly package, just add 8 AA batteries to the transmitter and you’re ready to fly!

#66290 Delta Twin RTF

Updated: April 9, 2009 — 10:00 AM
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