Hubsan Spy Hawk Mini FPV Glider A First Look!

Hubsan Spy Hawk Mini FPV Glider A First Look!

Well, we finally got one of these cool little FPV mini powered gliders in the office for review. Distributed by Hobby People /Global Hobby Dist., The Spy Hawk is a great first step into the exciting world of FPV (First Person View) RC airplanes. It gives you that from the cockpit view right on the front of the airplane’s RC transmitter with a video monitor built right into the radio with pop-up side sun shades. The model is very easy to assemble and it comes equipped with an autopilot and an optional video record function.


If you want to experience FPV, this all in one Sky Hawk package is a great way to try it without all the complicated (and expensive) accessories and equipment.

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Watch for a review coming soon to Model Airplane News

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 4:29 PM


  1. Gerry, I am told that it is possible to convert a simple digital camera to infra red. Can the camera in this Hubsan Spy Hawk, be thus converted? Additionally, night flying might be available. I looked at the web and noted that the following group does this conversion: Have any of your people done anything like this? My interest is in monitoring sewage outfalls for movement of pollution plumes back to the shoreline, so it would be thermal IR tracking as the discharged sewage is considerably warmer than the surrounding ocean or river and thus should be able to be picked up. The main reason for this research is that sewer plants generate antibiotic resistant bacteria in very large numbers numbers and these are discharged into the surroundings. Numbers are in the range of 10 to the 12th per gallon and these are antibiotic resistant genes in finished discharged water. See for example: Sewage puts Ironman swim in doubt. New York City’s first annual Ironman-length triathlon may end up being just two phases after a Tarrytown, N.Y., sewer-line break Wednesday prompted local officials to discharge “several million gallons” of chlorinated raw sewage into the Hudson River. Wall Street Journal

    Point here is that through the use of drones with multispectral sensors on board, this type of pollution can be tracked and tracked by the average RC pilot. If one reads Charles Duhigg’s Water Series in the NY Times, he documents how the regulators are just sitting on their hands while this type of pollution of our water resources goes on every day.


  2. very cool! I just wanted to know where to buy

  3. Have you completed the review yet? I have one of these models and it does not seem to ‘bind’ to the TX. Did you have any problems in this area? Is the review online?

  4. How much is it

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