Huge, 14-foot-span Heinkel 111

Huge, 14-foot-span Heinkel 111

Carl Bachhuber is a master when it comes to building really big, nicely detailed, and seldom-modeled RC planes, and his latest is no exception! The third Heinkel he has built in the last 20 year, this one is the biggest 1/5 scale. The 178-inch plane and is powered by two Desert Aircraft 60cc gas engines, and the main gear and retracting tailwheel were built by Carl’s friend Bob Walker of Robart fame. Carl says, “The plane weighs just over 100 pounds, 17 pounds of which is nose weight. Servos are all Hitec, radio is Futaba 12-channel FG. The He-111 is a a really nice flying twin as the wing is exceptionally thick and wide, and the engines are close together.” Thanks to NJ Hunt for taking this great video and sharing with us!



Updated: June 7, 2016 — 2:43 PM


  1. Simply WOW !!,spectacular performance, well done.

  2. Das machine ist nicht fur gerfingerpoken und mittengrabben. Der cottonpikkin sightseerens relaxin und vatch der blinkenlights! Awesome job of modeling!

  3. I saw Carl’s exceptional Heinkel fly at the CARDS event in formation with two Mk I Spitfires last Saturday (the sunny day). Quite a sight!

  4. Magnificent model! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I would really love a set of plans and details on any of his HE-111’s he has built!!! I’ll pay whatever he needs for them!! He’s always done such great work on his Aircraft!!
    Love wondering what he’ll be back with each following year!!!

  6. What a beautiful example of a Classic Warbird, The first Movie i saw in the theater was the Battle for Britain in 1969. since then the He111 has been my favorite medium bomber with the he219 a close second. Great Job Carl…

    John Benepe RN AMA 12208 Go Thunderbirds…

  7. Love that they used the music from “Kesselring reviewing the He 111s” in the movie Battle of Britain.

    Lovely model but too bad the DA 60s required such strange cowlings, sort of spoiled the scale appearance a bit.

  8. Hope to see this at Warbirds over Delaware

  9. I’ve known Carl for years and he still astounds with his builds.Hope to see this in Chatham soon.

  10. Awesome, The He- 111 is my favorite medium bomber. The shear size make it an increadable. Looks great. Leep up the wonderful work. Cheers and Keep flying. Mikey

  11. Don I flew one of the 2 Spitfires with Carl at the Cards event that made my entire weekend!!!

  12. Great model. Impressive! What is the march music they played? Terrific!

  13. Great work and wonderful flight as demonstrated. Down the memory lane for many pilots.. You bring history into life..

  14. hi
    do you have plans for sale

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