Huge Heavy-Metal Fighter

Huge Heavy-Metal Fighter

This 1/4-scale P-47 is ready for patrol! Built by Nigel I’Anson from enlarged Meister plans, this 83.7-pound model is powered by a Moki 250cc 5-cylinder radial. Owner John Mason is the man behind the controls in this video, shot by our friends Pete and Dean Coxon at the Wings & Wheels Model Spectacular at Northwheald Airfield in the UK. It’s a beauty!

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 10:08 AM


  1. Leave the tail wheel down on full size and be ready for the fire which will result from exhaust gasses thru the turbocharger

  2. Gorgeous! Spectacular flight.

  3. The sound……. at times is better than the real….

  4. Beauty!!! I love that you land it without Flaps and she just settles in. Very nice!

  5. Gorgeous jug. Great sound. And well flown except gets off the ground too quickly for a Bethphage Iron Works product!


    1. Vic: The Jug was NOT built at Bethpage (Grumman Aircraft)…only Navy fighters were built there. It was built at Republic Aviation in Farmingdale; though you are right, the Jug did not jump off the ground.

  6. Vic: I think the Jug was often jerked off the runway and the gear quickly retracted. This caused some problems when the P-51 replaced the Jug in some squadrons. The engine was not powerful enough to do this trick. At least that is my recollection. At 84 years of age I sometimes misremember.

  7. How come the tailwheel doesn’t retract ???

  8. Wonderful sound and so much attention to detail ….. Except, …. really, only a 2-blade WOODEN prop and where’s the prop “Bullet style” spinner??? Completely ruins the scale effect on the ground or in the air. If you’re going to go the obviously high expense of building this beaut’, an accurate 4-blade black paddle style prop and a correct Bullet spinner isn’t something to scrimp on. I fly a wonderful 1/6th accurate scale P-51B painted as the one my dad flew in China with the 23rd FG USAAC ’42-’45 and went the extra mile (and high expense) of a correct 4-blade prop with correct shaped spinner.

    1. That was my only problem with this RC place too. Otherwise it was awesome!

  9. Absolutely spectacular…….thrilling….sound is awesome, better than the real full size aircraft. LOL

  10. Beautiful,and great pilot

  11. Nigel never built this. Built by Julian Lee as like most of there models

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