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Humpty Bump with a Cross Box Maneuver

Humpty Bump with a Cross Box Maneuver

This video will give you the inside information you need to perform the Humpty bump with a Cross Box maneuver combination.  Pilot Jason Benson shares his techniques on performing this very useful maneuvers so you can perfect your own flying skills.

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Updated: December 7, 2011 — 6:21 PM
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  1. Hello John,

    Good job on doing this videos, it reminds me when I used to watch Dave Patrick’s videos ans read the colum in MAN.

    I wanted to comment on something, either IMAC or pattern, being AMA or F3A , all these classes are based on the Aresti manouvers, so I think is important to beginer pilots or any who wants to be a better pilot should use the correct names for the manouver.

    I mean, this “bridge” manouver is a top hat, turn around Top Hat, so the horizntal line is short, not like on the center manouver, same goes for the P manouver wich I read in MAN, the P manouver is called either a 9 if the loop is on top or figure 6 if the loop is on the bottom.

    Now that all classes are using Aresti it will be very good if all manouvers will be called the correct name.

    I hope this contributes in someway to the great job you guys are doing.


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