IMAA Kingston – Great People – BIG FUN

IMAA Kingston – Great People – BIG FUN

A high note of my summer and the event I look most forward to attending is the 24th Annual Kingston IMAA Giant Rally.  The event is less than 2 weeks away and you won’t be sorry to make any kind of excuse to attend.  Last year set a record with 88 registered pilots and this year is set for 100 plus.  The Event Director Dave Penchuk is a fantastic guy who spends the whole year putting  his whole hart and soul into making this the best event for everyone. 

I was all set to attend last year when two weeks before the event my plane crash due a radio failure.  I was heart broken but Dave found me a gently used 1/4scale Sig Spacewalker that I was able to convert it to use my 26cc motor.  Long story short I had a blast at the event and met tons of nice guys I would gladly give the shirt off my back for!  Dave save my bacon last year THANKS!!!

This year I’am all set to attend with my IMAA legal 100% scratch built 80″ Gas Contender – I just ordered some US Airforce decals so my Contender will look its 1970’s best for this event. 

So Please if your from the US side grab that passport and head north to the best IMAA event in all of Canada.    

Check out the link and I hope to see you there!

A Note from Kingston Club President Gary Droppo
Welcome, one and all.

Kingston Radio Control Modellers is proud to co-host the IMAA event once again. Can this really be the 24th time that IMAA/KRCM has done this? Outstanding!

KRCM prepares the facilities, operates the canteen and sets out the Saturday evening “banquet”. We turn our facilities over to Dave Penchuk and his IMAA team for all the rest.

What a weekend!

We will have KRCM Members on site from at least Wednesday on, to assist our visitors settling in. Many of our Members fly during the week, so you will have lots of company, as well as lots of opportunity for some serious hangar flying. We even have a couple of barbeques, in case you wish to burn a tube steak or such – just check with one of our guys.

In case you are thinking about coming out to this event, but are not sure yet, perhaps we can assist you in making up your mind …

This may give you an idea of where you will be flying – the aerial view from a few years ago is featured right up top:

We also have a Forum, referenced at the main web site:

The incredible success of the IMAA weekends, has prompted us to expand the camping/parking area. We have lots of space for everyone to park, prepare their aircraft, and to set up their pit.

Even it you do not fly IMAA aircraft, this is an event not to be missed.

When the official IMAA day ends, usually around 5 p.m., the organizers turn the field back to KRCM for the evening. Unlimited flying! So, you can fly that heli, foamy, etc. Night flying? Sure, why not! We only ask that folks who wish to fly during that “free flying” time give priority, and make airspace for, any of the IMAA planes; this is THEIR weekend, many will have come from significant distances, and we want them to get all the air time that they can handle.

The big dinner starts shortly after the close of the IMAA part of the day on Saturday. This year, we have planned for 100 meals, so don’t hold off on getting a ticket as soon as you register at the field.

Then, Sunday happens. Fire ’em up and let’s get these big bad boys into the air again!
Stay overnight, or as long as you wish – our field is your field, before, during and after this event.

Don’t forget – no one starves at the IMAA event. Breakfast is available as soon as you are, then it’s full canteen service for the rest of the day, both days.

See you there!

KRCM 2011 President

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