Incredible 40%-Scale Eindecker

Incredible 40%-Scale Eindecker

Sleek, sophisticated WW II fighters usually get more props than earlier era warbirds, but this 40-percent-scale Fokker E.1 may change your mind. Made famous by none other than Max Immelmann himself, the Eindecker had wing warping instead of ailerons, and the model demonstrates just how well they worked! Built by Gerhard Reinsch and flown at the Yorkshire Air Museum in Halifax Way, York in the UK, this incredible model is powered by a Valach 120cc gas 4-stroke and weighs in at around 42 pounds. Would you believe Gerhard spent just three weeks building it from the Paolo Severin kit? (We wonder if he sleeps!)  The video is a bit long, but I promise it’s time well spent — the plane flies Immelmans, stall turns, split-Ss and even a very axial “aileron” roll! The video even includes a bit of the wing warp in action as well detail photos of this gorgeous aircraft.  Many thanks to Dean and Pete Coxon for sharing their video and reminding us how incredible those early flying machines were!


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  1. What a beautiful aircraft and an equally skilled pilot Gerhard Reinsch! Hard to believed he built it in just 3 weeks.
    Not sure I would have flown In the windy conditions that day, but he used the wind to his advantage with some of the stall maneuvers and turns.
    Amazing plane and pilot!
    Thanks for a great video.

  2. blown away!!! by both plane an pilot!!!

  3. Dear Debra

    I have always found the W .W. 1 Aircraft and their RC versions simply fascinating. Largely because many of them flew with certain inherent design flaws and ye they ‘ made a killing’ thanks to the experience and brave handling by the Pilots of WW1 ! ( one is informed that the Wrights ‘ Flyer 1’ was full of flaws and should not have flown at all ! ) Thank God it did ! All points to The Wright Brothers there !

    It is my dream to build all the flying models of the pre WW 1 Aircraft and certainly those beauties of ‘ Those Magnificient Men…’ But how do I get the Plans ? Is there a particular site of yours from where I can get these on the internet ? I will be very grateful for your help in this matter. It will help me in living a wonderful dream for real ! Please do respond and help.

    Kind regards and best wishes !

    R.N.Singh ( Gurgaon, Haryana, INDIA )

  4. This is a my kit, you find all datas and information to
    The model is built EXACTLY as the real plane.
    Paolo Severin

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