Indoor Airliner: it’s a floater!

Indoor Airliner: it’s a floater!

At the recent Model Fair in Stuttgart, Germany this gigantic Airbus wowed the crowd. The biggest indoor flier we’ve seen yet, it has a 15.74-foot wingspan and weighs less than a pound. It’s the handiwork of Airstage, a company who creates RC ultralight models for the marketing and entertainment industries (the airliner is not for sale to individuals).  Thanks to RC RC RC for taking this terrific video.


  1. Definitely not an A320, probably an A310. Pretty cool though.

    1. Definitely an A310 – I think it’s an infaltable fuselage which makes it a derigable actually, look at the massive control surface deflections required to get any kind of response, beautiful to watch though

  2. Amazing! Floats around like a big white ghost.

  3. Ummm…just thinking guys. That thing HAS to be filled with Helium!

  4. It should be available to the R C Guys as they would sell a lot of them. I’ll take one.

  5. Think of the Club logo on one of these at the next meet. Even if it was windy out side, it would draw a lot of attention sitting in a cradle. But indoors would be a blast.

  6. I wish they would make these available to the public. Way too cool. I wonder how it flies with no wind outside?

  7. Looks like it has to be part balloon. How else could you get it to weight a pound?

  8. Simple amaizing

  9. Their business model is to build them exclusively for corporate clients, fly them for exclusive events and not create competition for their business. I believe they could make 10x more by mass producing for a reasonable (hobbyist level price) and selling to the consumer RC market. I spoke with them and they were very nice and I certainly understand their position. As soon as some mass producing (copy cat) companies from certain countries figure out a way to duplicate and mass produce as they usually do, Airstage will loose their IP gain and market edge.

  10. Love to have one too.Please market them?

  11. Nothing like this in Canada ?

  12. where I can buy one ?

  13. Here’s some info on AirStage’s Technology- it is helium filled:

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