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This is Hiroki Ito (on the right) from Japan with his JR NEX E8 with new 3-blade rotor head. He is the 4 time World F3C Champion, and is experimenting with the 3D capabilities of multi blade rotors. And from I can see from the performance of the E8, we are going to see a lot more multi rotors in the future. He is using the standard length 600 mm blades that this helicopter would use for a standard two blade head, but these blades are a lot lighter since he has three of them. Although he can’t speak english, his team mates say the pitch curves are just about the same as before, but now the helicopter feels lighter because of the increased rotor disk area.

Horizon will soon be stocking these new adjustable servo arms. What is unique about these arms is that they are independent of the center section that mounts to the servo. First you attach the center section to the servo, then you place the arm in the correct positio on the servo, and tighten the arm to the center section. This completely eliminates the need for sub trim to get the servo arm in just the right position.

Updated: August 17, 2012 — 2:42 AM

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