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It’s a truck … it’s an octocopter … it’s the Black Knight Transformer!

It’s a truck … it’s an octocopter … it’s the Black Knight Transformer!

Yes, this real, and yes, it has flown (using four of its eight motors). Advanced Tactics of El Segundo, California, has created this rolling, flying VTOL aircraft capable of unmanned, autonomous operations. They call it, “The world’s first roadable vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft that’s capable of landing close to where it’s needed, then driving the rest of the way.” On the ground, the engine modules fold down so the vehicle can drive on a street. There’s an automotive suspension and drive train with large truck tires.  Now this is an aircraft even our Car Action editors will love!

Advanced Tactics VTOL Aircraft

Advanced Tactics VTOL Aircraft

Flying with 4 motors in 2012.


Updated: August 10, 2015 — 9:38 AM
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  1. Great article. I live on the east coast but visit my daughter and her family in El Segundo often.

    On my next visit I would love to see this machine.
    If possible I plan to be in the area towards the end of march. Is their a
    phone number or contact email that I could use??

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