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Jack Diaz wins Mr. Top Gun Title at the 30th Annual Top Gun Scale Invitational

Jack Diaz wins Mr. Top Gun Title at the 30th Annual Top Gun Scale Invitational

For the second time in a row, while piloting his impressive Fouga Magister Jack Diaz again has won the title of Mr. Top Gun at the 30th Annual Scale invitational.

Competing in the Expert class, Jack’s impressive 1/4.5 scale jet was built from a Phillip Avonds kit from Belgium and has a 100-inch wing span. Much more information to come so stay tuned.


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  1. Way to go Jack. It’s gorgeous, keep the good work up

  2. Awesome congratulations!!! I can’t wait to get back into the hobby and meet everyone…

  3. Beautiful plane!

  4. Great Job!!! Congratulations

  5. It’s really great to see an “Old Schooler of scale” Kick butt.

    way to kick butt and take names….and trophies!!!

  6. Hi, I am old friend of Jack’s and his family dating back 30 plus years- I have lost contact with him as I have moved out of Venezuela years ago, any ways I thought I would try to reach him this way. My name is Alvaro Gonzalez- (May’s brother) living in Miami and would really like to connect with him once again- at one time Jack was my mentor who encouraged me to seek an Aeronautical degree in California and the rest as they say- is history! If you could, please just tell him that I just want to say hello and wish him well….my Cell 786 281 71 81

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