Jet World Masters Champion

Jet World Masters Champion

For the third time, Vitaly Robertus and a model Yak-130 have won the Jet World Masters championship event, held this year in Leutkirch im Allgau, Germany. Powered by twin turbines, the 1/4-scale jet has fully functional engine air intakes, access hatches, speed brakes and more. Besides the great flight video, it’s fun to see Vitaly and his team adding the final touches before static judging. Enjoy!

Updated: September 3, 2015 — 9:55 AM


  1. Anyone else get really nervous when he was spinning it around in that table? The LG came closer to the edge than I wanted!!
    Outstanding “model” and great video.

  2. Just truly incredible!!!

  3. I too enjoy anything aviation. A former pilot of smaller ‘ tail dragger ‘ single engine planes, I got into the
    world of RC out of necessity as well as passion for flying. There is so much available today that it was a ‘no brainer ‘ for me. I fly more of the Park Jet type electric aircraft because there is so much available at a fraction of the cost of the old glow plug fuel planes. The only problem I have encountered is that most of the clubs here in NY were formed by the old time balsa built fuel powered aircraft pilots and they really frown upon and do not readily accept we the ‘new breed ‘ generation RC enthusiast. That’s another reason I chose the smaller electric planes, for I find small fields throughout the state to fly. The one thing I learned early on is to bring as many battery packs as one can because the flight time is limited but adequate enough once you get the basics of flying in the third person down. I find it a necessity ( for me) to invest in a good pc simulator application for it is the best to learn on and hone your skills. One can spend mucho dinero on a model, only to crack up at takeoff, and the day is over, plus the fact that I wasn’t the handiest at fixing and replacing or salvaging parts. This being said, it can scare off any beginner or even intermediate flyer. RC model aircraft is the greatest and I appreciate your support and effort that you make to keep us informed and loving this hobby! Keep on Keeping on.



  4. And…….Where is the originality? 3 times with the same airplane. Congratulations Robertus!!!!

  5. Phenomenal! It’s like he took the full scale plane and shrunk it down to the size he needed.

  6. Debra, your professional work is quite evident. I look forward to viewing more of your work in the years ahead. Thanks again for sharing your artist talents in model aviation.

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