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Jeti Ditex Servos

Jeti Ditex Servos

From Esprit Tech:
The Ditex line of servos are like no other product in the RC market today. These exemplary servos were designed to go above and beyond the best in precision, safety, strength and speed – and they do. Not only do they surpass the expectations of what a servo is capable of, they contain the ability to adapt with our ever changing needs as pilots.

Developed with state-of-the-art engineering, the Ditex line of digital servos bring some of the best electronic components to a servo. The MCU chip, essentially the part that controls the servo drive and the communication to the receivers and transmitters, must be powerful enough to match the servo design and keep up with industry growth. For all you techies out there, the Ditex servos contain an 80MHz, 16 bit DSP MCU, a SPI Bus with 1Mhz refresh clock and a 40kHz PWM power converter.

In addition to a super powerful MCU, the Ditex servos have swapped out the old unreliable ever-failing analog potentiometers with a unique digital encoder chip. The position encoder, as it is named, provides many advantages. Not only is it reliable and accurate, it allows for simplified programming. Pilots can now set the neutral position anywhere within three-hundred and Sixty degrees of rotation. (Check out our YouTube Video demonstrating this.)

The firmware inside these servos is extremely versatile, as it allows for product updates as features progress. In order to take advantage of this feature, an additional Ditex or Jeti USB adapter will be required. (Sold separately)

Amazingly, these efficient servos offer high amounts of torque with very little heat output. Here’s how: a combination of high-end coreless motors, coding and advanced current limiting circuitry. This specific circuitry allows for extra protection inside your servo against possible issues that could arise such as a jammed control surface. In addition to the high-end motors, Ditex servos offer ball bearings, metal gears and heat resistant silicone wiring.

One of the most exciting feature, and probably one were are most eager to tinker with, is the integrated telemetry. The Ditex servos will work directly with your Jeti Duplex systems and provide real-time telemetry data to your transmitter as you fly. In addition to the telemetry integration, the Ditex servos are capable of producing audible tones when your pre-set parameters are exceeded. Servo overload, temperature, voltage and signal error will produce separate sounds, simplifying trouble shooting if something were array. This step alone can help protect not only your servos, but your entire flight system and model.

All of these programmable features sound great, but let’s face it, most of these software programs are designed for rocket scientists, right? Wrong. This is another place that Ditex hits one out of the park. Their GUI (Graphic User Interface) is incredibly user friendly. When connected via the USB adapter (discussed earlier) to your windows computer, the Ditex Manager Software opens up the door to what seems to be endless programming capabilities. Again, Ditex engineers worked hard to achieve efficient operation. The Ditex Manager software brings to the user the capability to set up parameters such as fail-safe, travel, torque, speed, direction, gear-protection, and telemetry data (just to name a few).

To sum it up, why fly anything else? These servos are amazing in every way, and we couldn’t be more excited to add them to our lineup. For more videos with the Ditex servos head to our YouTube channel and subscribe.
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Jeti Ditex Servos Jeti Ditex Servos Jeti Ditex Servos Jeti Ditex Servos

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