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Jeti Telemetry Sensor Air Pressure MBar EX And Expander

Jeti Telemetry Sensor Air Pressure MBar EX And Expander

Jeti’s MBar EX is a sensor that measures high pressures of non-corrosive and unionized gases and liquids. The sensor records the maximum and minimum measured values of pressure and temperature. Also, it is possible to set an alarm for a high pressure measurement or a pressure drop. The information from the sensor is transmitted to the user via Duplex EX system. The MBar EX can be used for measuring pressure in containers with compressed air (retractable landing gear systems) or for controlling the oil pressure in hydraulic systems. Use with 1/16″ (1.6mm) inside diameter pressure tubing.

More information: http://www.espritmodel.com/jeti-telemetry-sensor-air-pressure-mbar-ex-and-expander.aspx

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Updated: January 6, 2015 — 2:07 PM
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