Joe Nall Live from the Flightline

Joe Nall Live from the Flightline

Joe Nall 2013 is in full swing in sunny South Carolina.  With just under 1,000 pilots already registered and gracing the skies, this 2 mile stretch of RC heaven boasts some of the busiest airspace you’ll find anywhere.

This year is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever at the Triple Tree Aerodrome.  Veteran Naller’s are pleased to find many improvements to the site (like it wasn’t paradise already), and first timers are just in awe!  With so many airplanes in one spot, literally every segment of the hobby is represented.

One of the stand-outs today was a turbine powered Super Cub flown by Robert Komro of Durand, WI.  The cub is a 40% Hempel design sporting a Jet Cat SPT-5 turboprop.  Robert scratch built the floats and added retractable rudders and wheels for both water and grass landings.  They are pneumatically operated with air coming from an onboard compressor to assure a reliable flow of air at all times.

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With retractable wheels, this bird is at home on water or grass.

With retractable wheels, this bird is at home on water or grass.

Many remember Mr. Komro from his massive L-4 Cub last year.  To the pleasure of many, its back, and casting large shadows over the lake again.

Robert Komro's giant L5 Cub after another successful flight.

Robert Komro’s giant L-4 Cub after another successful flight.

The 3D flight line found a crowd hovering around a highly modified Cardin Edge 540 built by Trevor Brum of Toronto.  To really appreciate the beauty of the aircraft, Trevor pulled the hatch and gave a tour of the inside.  The airframe was built substituting virtually all of the internal bracing with carbon fiber.  Further reducing the all-up weight and providing for greater mechanical advantage, hinge-line mounted servos on all control surfaces eliminate the need for pushrods!  For extra agility, Trevor went with a split aileron design.  Very cool Cardin Mr. Brum.

With 5 full days of action remaining, there are many stories yet to be told.  Coverage of the 2013 Joe Nall will be posted each day with highlights from all the activity.  Don’t miss it!

For Tuesday coverage, click HERE; for Wednesday click HERE; and for Thursday click HERE.

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  1. Amazing giant planes!

  2. Hey Mike, great article, keep up the good work. Can’t wait till you get back and tell us some cool tales about your trip.

  3. Mike, great job, congrats, can u tell how to find or buy the video of that nice picture full of planes ??? thanks.

    1. Marcelo, thanks for your compliments. At this years Joe Nall, I only shot still pictures. I may do videos in the future.

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