Joe Nall-The giant fleet by Carl Bachhuber

Joe Nall-The giant fleet by Carl Bachhuber

An amazing example of the giant scale RC building art. this amazing air force of multi-engine giants all belong to Carl Bachhuber of Maryville, WI. Front Right is the new Lockheed Electra II, front left is the Lockheed Constellation and in the back his Douglas DC-6.

Updated: July 23, 2015 — 11:12 AM

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  1. During my “full scale” aviation career I was flying DC-6’s, L-188’s(Electras), CV-640’s (Convairs), and DC-8’s. The airline was Zantop International, out of business now. Its nice to see giant scale reproductions of these fine aircraft. Well two out of four ain’t bad.
    Jim Majors YIP

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