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Joe Nall Week 2017

A drone capturing the action along the 3D flight Line at Joe Nall.

What do several thousand feet of manicured grass, eight flight lines, aircraft flying nearly 24 hours a day, and the world’s largest gathering of old flying buddies have in common?  They’re all part of Joe Nall 2017, the largest RC aviation event on the planet.  Once again, the Triple Tree Aerodrome was home away from home to the aeromodelling community for 8 full days in sunny South Carolina.


A fraction of the thousands of aircraft at Joe Nall.

For those who’ve attended Joe Nall Week before, it’s no secret that Triple Tree is always changing.  Every year brings bigger and better facilities with this year being no exception.  Over the past 12 months, an education center emphasizing the importance of aviation has been constructed enabling Triple Tree to be a place of learning and inspiration for youth of all ages.  This state of the art facility will help secure the future of this great hobby.  2017 also brought further improvements to the grounds.  Adding to what already looked like the world’s largest putting green, founder Pat Hartness and the gang added more premium campsites and have nurtured the grass in other camping areas into lush green landscapes.  It’s difficult to imagine that Triple Tree could be any better, but every year brings new surprises and additions.

Now to the action!  In addition to the classic flight line, 3D flight line, two electric lines, float plane station at the lake, control line area, and helicopter section (if all this wasn’t enough), this year an FPV course sponsored by Multi GP rounded out the meet.  The FPV course consisted of 14 LED lit gates that were used for fun flying and formal competition both day and night throughout the week.  Adding to the excitement in this area, several pro-level FPV racing pilots attended this inaugural event and wowed onlookers every time they took to the sticks.  The sound of a quad running full power as it screams through the course at a right angle to the ground is incredible!

An quad blazes through a gate on the FPV course.

An quad blazes through a gate on the FPV course.

Highlights of the week included a twin turbine CARF B2 stealth, a blistering fast turboprop retrofitted P51, Jase Dussia’s insane noon-time demo’s, nightly aerobatics over the 3D pond with lights and smoke on, tow full rows of vendors/mobile hobby shops, a 5k run, and the list goes on and on.

One of the high points of the event came during the noon-time flight demonstrations on Friday.  Right in the middle of the action, with a ton of spectators intently watching, a breaking announcement came across the sound system informing the crowd that the FAA’s ruling requiring the registration of model aircraft had just been overturned.  Immediately, a huge applause with loud cheers swept across the field.  It couldn’t have been announced at a more appropriate venue or time!

There are many facets to Triple Tree, such as seeing the world’s best pilots putting their aircraft through their paces, being with like-minded individuals and swapping flying stories, buying that new airplane from one of the dozens of vendors, walking through the hangar/museum, attending the annual meeting of the AMA against a backdrop of a full-scale P51, or watching the sunset with float planes silhouetted high above the glistening water.  Triple Tree is more than just a place where an annual fly-in is held, it’s a magical escape from the everyday world and a place that inspires the passion for model aviation.

AMA staff hold their annual meeting on the Triple Tree Aerodrome grounds

AMA staff hold their annual meeting on the Triple Tree Aerodrome grounds

One can be lost for words trying to describe the atmosphere of Joe Nall Week, so here’s a gallery showcasing the week in RC paradise.

IMG_8163 IMG_8072 IMG_8053 IMG_8052 IMG_8051 IMG_4575 IMG_4587-Edit IMG_4648 IMG_4705 IMG_8023 IMG_4526 IMG_4521 IMG_4519 IMG_4501 IMG_4473 IMG_4429 IMG_4415 IMG_4411 IMG_4400 IMG_4375 IMG_4327 IMG_4328 IMG_4332 IMG_4338-Edit IMG_4357 IMG_4314 IMG_4309 IMG_4297 IMG_4289 IMG_4285 IMG_4192-Edit IMG_4262-Edit IMG_4271 IMG_4274 IMG_4277 IMG_4124-Edit-Edit IMG_4085

AMA staff hold their annual meeting on the Triple Tree Aerodrome grounds

An quad blazes through a gate on the FPV course.

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