Sneak Peek: JR Propo T14x4 DMSS

Sneak Peek: JR Propo T14x4 DMSS

In the early 1980s,  I happened to see an ad in Model Airplane News for JR radios. Ultimately, I purchased a JR 4C-4S (4 channels, 4 servos) AM rig that did everything it was supposed to do. After a while, I wanted an FM radio system and so returned to the JR brand and discovered the JR Max 6. This one set the hook with its two auxiliary channels and those awesome servo-reversing switches. I have remained a JR enthusiast ever since.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Sneak Peek: JR Propo T14x4 DMSS

Next Generation

The newest addition to the JR Propo line is the JR T14x4 carries on the tradition of quality and dependability, the T14x4 distributed by Dee Force Aviation (, is a true nonshared, full 14-channel 2.4GHz radio system. Using JR DMSS (dual modulation spectrum system), the T14x4 features a dual stream, telemetry communication system. Voltage telemetry is built in as standard in every DMSS receiver, and other add-on sensors installed in your airplane can provide real-time feedback for propeller rpm, as well as altitude, motor or engine temperature, propeller or heli rotor blade rpm, and more. In addition to the data on the display, you can set various alarms to monitor aircraft conditions without taking your eyes off the aircraft. Priced at $699.99, you get a professional full-range system at a sport flyer price.

Unique Features

When you pick up and hold the T14x4 in your hands, you’ll instantly notice its modern styling and ergonomically recessed case back, which is comfortable whether you are a “fingers” or “thumb” flier. I especially appreciate the soft feel rubber coverings on all the switches.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Sneak Peek: JR Propo T14x4 DMSS

The T14x4 has very smooth-operating CNC-manufactured control stick gimbals, which are adjustable. Also, the radio uses the JR XBus serial port communication system. When paired with the JR RG812BX XBus receiver, the T14X4 is capable of connecting up to four servos per channel (56 total) with the XBus serial connector. The servo harness is available separately. The T14X4 system is compatible only with matching DMSS receivers, including the RG812BX (see sidebar). Included with the T14x4 are bind plugs, a large JR Propo decal, stick-on transmitter type labels, and an instruction manual. A downloadable manual is also available.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Sneak Peek: JR Propo T14x4 DMSS

The main features include the easyto- read, backlit main screen; 30-model memory; Airplane, Helicopter, and Glider program options; an SD card slot for data sharing, storage, and updates (SD card not included); LiFe 6.4V, 1400mAh 2S transmitter battery; integrated charging circuit with automatic shutdown; 9V AC/DC adapter (included); selectable stick modes (1 through 4); scroll/push bar and four-button data entry keys; dual trim options; dual side slider levers; fail safe, assignable switch functions; programmable throttle cut; and two programmable timers.


Radio: JR T14x4

Manufacturer: JR Propo (

Distributor: JR Propo/Dee force (

No. of channels: 14 (nonshared)

Modulation: DMSS

Band: 2.4GHz

Programming: Airplane, Sailplane, Helicopter

Model memory: 30

Modes: (1, 2, 3, 4 selectable)

Transmitter battery: LiFe 6.4V 1400mAh

Street price: $699.99

Be sure to watch for the upcoming March 2020 issue of MAN for a compete radio system review.


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