JR TLS1-ISW DMSS Remote Ignition Kill Switch

JR TLS1-ISW DMSS Remote Ignition Kill Switch

Not only are electronic kill switches a useful piece of safety equipment in your giant scale model, but in most cases, they’re required to fly at an AMA sanctioned field or event.

Weighing less than 1/2 ounce, the compact TLS1-ISW is not only practical, but powerful as well. Not only does it provide a safe means to shut down your motor remotely through your transmitter, but it also provides live RPM telemetry data when connected to your engine’s ignition pickup. Fly a four- cylinder engine such as the Desert Aircraft DA 200? The TLS1-ISW supports dual ignition inputs, so controlling two separate ignition modules is a breeze from a single device. A programmable RF link delay will prevent your engine from shutting down from a momentary hold, eliminating a very embarrassing and costly situation if a forced landing is made off of the runway. Finally, the included status condition LED installed in your model will give you a 100% clear status of your ignition’s power, for simple, smart operation.

Save the gambling for the casino. Install a TLS1-ISW in your model and hedge your bet against an accident.


  • Integrated internal regulator can take up to 12.6v DC power input (3S LiPo) for maximum flexibility
  • Selectable 6.0v or 7.4v output with included jumper
  • Dual ignition support makes setup for complex four-cylinder engines such as the DA 200 simple.
  • Compatible with XBus and PWM inputs
  • Plug inline with ignition pickup to monitor RPM live through your DMSS transmitter.
  • Switch on and off remotely through your transmitter.
  • Programmable delay will prevent engine shutdown from a momentary RF hold.
  • Status condition LED shows ignition power on or off

JRP03497 – $84.99 MAP


Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:33 PM

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  1. Hello

    I wonder if the TLS1-ISW Kill Switch is optically isolated against the receiver? (by using optocoupler)
    Because it isn’t mentioned anywhere.

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