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JTEC / Radiowave Pitts Model-12 Short Kits — WRAM Update

JTEC / Radiowave Pitts Model-12 Short Kits — WRAM Update

J-TEC well known for their popular large volume mufflers and giant scale accessories is now the exclusive supplier of the popular “Bob Trueworthy” Pitts M-12 Short Kits.  The J-Tec guys were right across from the MAN booth at the 2012 WRAM Show and they were always busy. Proudly showing off the finished Trueworthy Designs 26% Pitts Model 12 it is intended for 50 to 60cc gas engines. Hanging high overhead the bare bones for the new 41% Pitts M12 Short Kit grabbed everyone’s attention. It is designed for 150cc to 200cc engines and either one, depending on your budget, is ideal for any pilot looking for either a great Sunday flier or an impressive unlimited level IMAC competition plane. Bob’s Pitts M-12 designs are extremely popular and show up at most giant scale events.

The kits are laser cut short kits which include laser cut formers, fiberglass cowl & wheel pants, aluminum cabanes, and aluminum landing gear. Featuring an interlocking design the airplanes are mostly self-aligning and extremely simple to build. The builder supplies the balsa sheeting and stringers.

Also on display was the 2.7m (104 inch span,) Radiowave Extra 300 kit. This airplane is designed to be a competitive, great flying and high quality airplane. For those that want to get into the 35% scale aerobatics on a budget the 2.7m Extra 300 is the perfect choice. It can be setup to use a DA-85 without losing the performance associated with other 100cc powered designs.


Updated: July 16, 2015 — 4:33 PM

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