Jumbo Jet Flight

Jumbo Jet Flight

This 16-foot-span 747-400 gives new meaning to the phrase “jumbo jet!” In this video, Adi Pitz’s 747-400 scale model puts on a show at the Hausen Flight Day in Switzerland with pilot M. Brauer at the controls. The largest plane Adi has ever built, it has over 2,000 hours of work into it! The 747 is powered by four Hammer Engines turbines, each with a thrust of 14kg, and it’s controlled by Weatronic radio gear. The 131-pound giant has sequenced landing gear and is 17.8-feet long. Thanks to RCHeliJet for taking this great video at the Hausen Flight Day in Switzerland.

Updated: April 4, 2019 — April 4, 2019


  1. Excelent job, done by persons who understand the art of flying!

    Congratulations !

  2. Awesome!
    But, how do they get it from the basement to the R/C field?

    1. Wrong question!!

      How in heck did they get it OUT of the basement???

  3. Bravo!

  4. Simplesmente espetacular, voando parece mesmo um Jumbo 747 400 real!

  5. Just AAAAwwwwwsome!!!!!! . Stupendous work Great Job

  6. beautiful aircraft and flight and a great commitment for time ,labor,and expense very nice work.

  7. Awestruck!, The amount of calculating specing before this plane even came to life shunns me.The attention to detail and scale is beautiful..What a completely breathtaking aircraft.Thanks so much for posting..

  8. OMG…. looking like a real ariplan what an idea… saluat you boos

  9. A humongous project by truly dedicated team of aeromodelers succeding in all its glory . Truly awesome for anybody and everybody who gets a chance to see this .

  10. Fr curiousity sake what was the cost in making this fabulous Model What RC equipment have u used .

  11. What can one say to describe this ? I am empty. I have no words that are adequate !

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