Just in! Blade Chroma Flying Camera Quadcopter

Just in! Blade Chroma Flying Camera Quadcopter

Wow! We just received our review sample of the new, top of the Blade line of quadcopters the Chroma. Including the ST 10+ radio/controller with Android table and operating system, the Chroma breaks through the “quadcopter with a camera attached” category and enables you to actually concentrate on the photos and videos you shoot and forget about flying and controlling the quadcopter. Watch for a complete review in the October issue of MAN


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The Controller’s main screen



The Chroma is so full of features it’s amazing including separate switches to control the camera angle as well as shoot photos and turn the video record on and off. (Above, any video hesitation is from my YouTube channel, as the original video is silky smooth!)


Without even reading the instructions, I simply charged the radio and the flight battery and headed out to the Air Age parking lot for a test hop. Here’s the video I shot. I was amazed at the stability of the Chroma and was actually able to totally forget about the quadcopter while I was framing the video and photos. And the video clarity and stability is awesome.


That’s Model Airplane News’ AC unit! Just to show you the clarity of the photos. This image was shot at about 45 feet away.

Watch for a review on this new flying camera in a future issue of MAN coming soon!



Updated: March 31, 2016 — 12:05 PM


  1. Well I have had a different experience with my Blade Chroma w/CGO2 & ST10. On my 5th flight camera disconnected, “camera slider” never worked from day one. Had a long talk with Horizon Hobby tech support, they had me send them the cgo2 to work on “at my own expense” 2 weeks ship time there and back. 9 days at there facility, “7 days before they could get it to technician” and found nothing wrong, sent it back to me and it still would not connect, then they said pack it up and send the whole thing back, another week travel time. Now they still have it and say 10 days before they can have a tech check it out, leads me to believe that the returns on their products are staggering, not enough techs to handle service properly. Still waiting for an answer, I probably won’t buy from Horizon Hobby ever again….

    Palmdale, CA

  2. My daughters 6 & 8 ask for a drone over and over and over again.. fear of spending money on yet another toy for them to break, I looked for more of an inexpensive drone.. and I found this one!!! Boy I could have not ask for a better purchase.. in addition to the drone, it’s equipped with a camera (4gb) memory card included and a remote control that my kids love.. it’s built with a very light plastic which makes it somewhat crash resistant.. after a few minutes of training them, they took the lead and never looked back.. I now have to sneak and fly it while they are in school. I’m buying a few more for my neice and nephew. I couldn’t ask for a better purchase for the price..

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