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I just got this neat onboard unit ans sensors this past weekend from RC Showcase for a “kick the tires” look see.
Engine Monitoring Unit
No longer do you have guess about the cooling or performance of your engine in the air!

There are two versions:

  • Standard: for 1-2 cylinder engines: price $149.00
  • Radial: for use with 5 cylinder radial engines: price $225.00

EMU onboard module (both versions) is 3 x 2 x 1″ ands weighs 1.8 ounce!

Measures and displays Cylinder head temperature
Measures and displays Exhaust gas temperature
Measures and displays RPM*, ignition voltage and engine run time
AUX channel control for Ignition power on-off.
External mounted flashing Super Bright LED will turn on to alert you to programmable over temperature conditions.

The display unit displays all data when on the ground and you are tuning the engine. After landing, and the EMU is still on and the engine not running, the display will present all the PEAK readings during the flight.

*ZDZ and Falkon Ignitions provide RPM data – no external sensor required. The Standard EMU supplied with one CHT sensor and RPM sensor*.

  • Optional CHT sensor is $17.95
  • Optional EGT sensor(s) is $47.95.
  • Optional external Super bright LED $15.00
The Radial EMU is supplied with 5 CHT sensors that mount conveniently in rear of the cylinder heads of the RCS radial engine for a clean installation with out wires dangling. RPM data is obtained from an optical sensor that connects to the igntion module.
Watch for a review in a coming issue of MAN
Updated: August 5, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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