KBDD T-Rex Pro Upgrade Kit

KBDD T-Rex Pro Upgrade Kit

The T-Rex 450 Pro Upgrade kit is surely the best and most cost effective upgrade a Pilot can purchase for his T-Rex 450 Pro helicopter!

KBDD is pleased to offer Dampener Sets for the Align T-Rex 450 Pro helicopter. Our dampeners are firmer than OEM dampeners with a material composition that is proven to produce a much longer useful life.


The new KBDD T-Rex 450 Pro Dampeners add performance, stability and durability.


KBDD’s new dampeners provide better cyclic control. The T-Rex Pro will have a noticeably crisper cyclic and will be faster around center. The machine will feel more precise and provide a “locked-in” feeling. This added performance maintains a very smooth forward and inverted flight. These dampeners work extremely well for smooth flying as well as for intense stick banging 3D flight.


The recently released 450 Pro tail blade is proven to such a big success we have added the new 450 Pro Glow-in-the-Dark tail blade. Due to the completely new design from our original shorter tail blade the 450 Pro night blade is more dense. This allows us to make the 450 Pro tail blade brighter at night than ever before.


The T-Rex 450 Pro achieves much greater performance when mated with our Paddles, 61mm 450 Pro Tail blades and Dampeners. So we are also providing a new T-Rex 450 Pro Upgrade kit that includes a set our dampeners, paddles and tail blades in one package. The upgrade kits are available in Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Orange and Midnight Black. The dampeners, paddles and our redesigned 450 Pro tail blades offer proven, unbeatable performance and durability in neon colors you can see in flight.


KBDD is a manufacturer of high performance tail blades, dampeners and paddles, which fit the majority of various size helicopters. All our parts are a composite of materials. These should never be considered as “plastic” parts. Although our parts do have plastic included in their composition, some items have plastic as the minority item.  All parts are manufactured in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA, a part of the Columbus, Ohio area. We sell only wholesale. We place all our products through rigorous testing before production. Every single item is inspected at least twice and some are inspected four times before being packaged and shipped to our dealers. Customer service and maintaining a high standard of integrity with our customers and their pilots are KBDD’s foremost concerns.


Our tail blades and paddles are of very high quality and are favorably compared to carbon fiber. Many times our paddles and tail blades outperform carbon fiber and they absolutely are much more durable. Carbon fiber tail blades and paddles cannot compare when price and durability are taken into account. Our dampeners are the best on the market especially when considering price. Our paddles offer great stability as well as the ability to perform tremendous 3D aerobatic maneuvers.


Updated: July 15, 2015 — 3:39 PM
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