RC Model Airplane Tips and Tricks from the Readers

RC Model Airplane Tips and Tricks from the Readers

We have the best readers, and we love your unique ways of making building and assembling RC planes easier. Here are a few of our favorites; bet you’ll use at least one! (Have a tip you’d like to share? Send it to MAN@airage.com!)

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Cutting corners on patch jobs

When using MonoKote or UltraCote to repair rips and punctures in model coverings, start by cutting a round or oval patch repair piece. This will help to keep the corners from ...

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  1. An hole is better and easier to make!

    1. Than what? Which tip is that aimed at?

  2. great tips, I must donate a pair of pliers for the cause

  3. Lineman Pliers are certainly far heavier duty than any z-bend pliers I have seen. Two pliers might be needed for the 2-56 and the 4-40 push-rods, but even that would be a sweet welcome. I do not know if two slots cut into the same set of pliers would work or not, but it is a thought. Keep sending these ideas to tips-and-tricks. Nice….

    1. cut the other hole/slot in the other jaw of the pliers.

  4. Gotcha; a hole instead of a slot in the pliers. Great idea, and about using opposing sides of the pliers for different sizes as well. I have a good pair of “Z” bend pliers, but I think I will make a pliers as you describe. Often the “Z” bend pliers don’t make the bearing leg of the “Z” at a good 90 degree angle no matter how hard I squeeze, and I have quite strong, large hands!


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