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  1. An hole is better and easier to make!

    1. Than what? Which tip is that aimed at?

  2. great tips, I must donate a pair of pliers for the cause

  3. Lineman Pliers are certainly far heavier duty than any z-bend pliers I have seen. Two pliers might be needed for the 2-56 and the 4-40 push-rods, but even that would be a sweet welcome. I do not know if two slots cut into the same set of pliers would work or not, but it is a thought. Keep sending these ideas to tips-and-tricks. Nice….

    1. cut the other hole/slot in the other jaw of the pliers.

  4. Gotcha; a hole instead of a slot in the pliers. Great idea, and about using opposing sides of the pliers for different sizes as well. I have a good pair of “Z” bend pliers, but I think I will make a pliers as you describe. Often the “Z” bend pliers don’t make the bearing leg of the “Z” at a good 90 degree angle no matter how hard I squeeze, and I have quite strong, large hands!


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