King of Cats: 100-inch Catalina

King of Cats: 100-inch Catalina

This scratch-built flying boat is the handiwork of Aris Kosmides of Thessaloniki, Greece. He spent over two years building the beauty from Ivan Pettigrew’s plans and outfitted it with Turnigy motors and Graupner 3-blade props. The  9.11 pound model has navigation and landing lights and retractable float that use a Turnigy MCR servoless retract system. Aris adds, “On my JR [radio] I used mixes to assign differential power with rudder use and this is truly awesome.” We think his PBY Catalina flying boat is also awesome; check out the video and see why!

Updated: March 17, 2022 — 2:32 PM

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  1. Hi from France, this is a model everyone could identify.
    This is for me, the third coolest hydroplane a RC enthousiastncoule built after Hercules and Dornier 10x engines.

    I love it BUT ….. this is probably the badest colorsheme possible on the noose.
    It break the specific roundy boose of the Cat’ and after that it appear as an agressive noose with unfinished details and missed cockpit

    To correct this colorshame, just put out this all black accent with surrounded cockpit, or something else.

    This is why I was not fall in love… But I’ve a great pleasure seeing it by other angles.

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