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King Size Battery Protection — Bat-Safe XL

King Size Battery Protection — Bat-Safe XL

Measuring an impressive 12x9x17.75 inches, the Bat-Safe XL is the newest LiPo battery charging and storing solution from the company that brought us the original Bat-Safe.

With the same footprint as before, the new XL version has an internal vault size measurement of 9.75×6.5×15 inches so you can charge and store up to four 6S 5000mAh equivalent (500Wh) packs.With a wall thickness of 1 inch, the Bat-Safe XL features a double-wall construction made from sheet metal material, and includes non-flammable insulation materials, fireproof seals; a spring-loaded latch for securing the lid; and a specially designed, airtight, synthetic wireway seal for the charging and balancing leads.

Also included are a handy cloth carrying strap for easy transport and a metal attachment bracket to safely support your charger. The lid features a special fireproof filter material and 60 vent holes. While a fire extinguisher can be considered an emergency use device, the CE certified Bat-Safe XL (priced at $124.90), is designed to completely contain the heat of an accidental battery fire, so it is a great insurance policy against faulty battery packs. It costs $124.90.

A heavy duty metal charger support bracket is included. Extra long balance board leads are also available for $19.95


Updated: March 11, 2019 — 2:47 PM

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