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KMP P-51D Mustang: Super-scale foam fighter

KMP P-51D Mustang: Super-scale foam fighter

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We had a great time recently test flying several new airplanes for MAN and Electric Flight. One of the standouts was the new 62 inch span P-51D Mustang from Kondor Model Products. We had a blast flying the “Big Beautiful Doll” and we were very pleased with its performance.

Construction: EPO FOAM
Prop:16×6 4-blade
Flying weight:2.7 kg, approx. 6 lbs.
Motor: 4558 out-runner KV400 (included)
ESC: 70A(included)
Servo:4pcs*9G,, 2pcs*17G (included)
Battery:14.8V-3700mAh-25C (NOT included)

This plane has it all!  flaps and retracts and the main wing is equiped with LED Lights. This impressive electric powered warbird comes with retractable landing gear and functional flaps and will be featured in our next issue of Electric Flight

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 4:29 PM
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  1. wish i could afford one i want ome so bad can u let me kn0ow where i can get ona and how much and if its rtf or what

  2. Don, you can get this and many others from either Banana hobbies or Nitro RC. Depending upon the size you want the range from $149 to $289. Transmiter and everything included. Although I recommend having your own radio system and getting the ARF versions instead.

  3. There are many you tube videos reviewing many of these “foamie” warbirds. My suggestion is watch and learn all you can before ordering and wait for a model to offer 2nd and 3rd generations of a kit…trhat way they often workout some of the bugs with the first drafts. It seems to me most of these appear to be made by one factory in China, and then they are sold by different places here in the states under their own name. Hold on to your wallet!!! they have B-25’s, P-38’s, P47, T28, F4U This stuff is exploding and I bet we will not believe the offerings a year from now. Enjoy!! see you at the field for a low pass strafing flyby! 🙂

  4. You are right about some this stuff made in China. I have a mosquito and the same ones you mention. Most are a mess. None of the landing gears seem to work after one flight. I do get good support from one vendor in Hon Kong http://www.pw-rc.com/. He will replace any defective items at no cost.

  5. The strides made in these foam warbirds over the past few years is nothing short of astounding. Size, features, scale fidelity and quality have all increased exponentially. One thing that is a MAJOR source of problems for us foam warbird enthusiasts are the stock retracts that come with them.

    The retracts from third parties are garbage. Usually burn out their motors or collapse with any hard landings or ground loops and is the primary source of headaches for owners. Many are switching to E-flite retracts and Robart struts. This efficiently ends the problem but not without spending an extra $200 bucks on top of what you already paid for the plane.

    The good news, companies like FMS have decided to emulate the quality and durability of E-flite’s class by manufacturing them in-house. Theirs hit the market this month. Once the retract issues are solved, the sky is truly the limit with these scale foam warbirds!

  6. These are great little planes, and there are several places to go to find good deals on them. I did notice Banana Hobbies name popped up, I would not suggest this vendor to anyone, here is just one example of why I say this:


    I normally don’t get involved in these things, but this place is so bad it has a habit of turning people new to the hobby away, not what our sport needs.

  7. Warbirds need a pilot. My T-28, probably from the same factory in China , came with two pilots installed and looks much more autrhentic in the air and on the ground.

    I think Colonel John Landers, the pilot of Big Beautiful Doll in all its various iterations, would appreciate a pilot in his trusty mount.

    At a 62 inch wing span, it is possible that no aftermarket pilots are readily available in this scale. Therefore, we need to hope that the factory will add the pilot.

  8. EPO foam planes are the best buy in a fairly realistic looking foam plane in my opinion. I have a 40″ & 47″ aerobats to fly. I just don’t like the fact that you can’t really enjoy flying one once the wind hits 7mph or higher for regular flights, depending on the plane because foam is too light. I have a flying buddy who flies a P-51 55″, but can only fly in the afternoons… when our wind hits 9mph or higher by 1:30pm many days. His plane stays on the ground a lot because he’s already reinforced the wings, put a stronger motor/prop/lipo combo in, and still has to worry about it breaking in the air or during landing.

    So… don’t get a foamie if you are going to be flying in .higher winds. When it comes to the single engine warbirds, you can usually find an acceptable balsa substitute for the price you pay for an EPO that has to be upgraded under the higher winds conditions.

  9. I fly a foamie E-Flite F4F Hellcat with a Power-UP 450 Sport motor from HeadsUP RC on a 1300 mAh, 3S battery and can fly it in 15mph winds. The plane flies like a dart and has unlimited vertical.

    I suspect it could handle 20 mph winds, but I don’t have the guts.

    Don’t be afraid of an airplane in the wind just because it is made of foam. Like balsa planes, each one will fly differently.

  10. Nice looking plane, but where is the pilot? It is NOT a scale aircraft flying without a pilot!

  11. I bought a Cessna 125 from nitro planes.com, I found out that the parts “do not fit together correctly. A lot of work went into it to fly. The cost was a little high along with the shipping cost.

  12. where can I get main landing gear for this plane

    1. KMP products are available from Kondor Model Products, http://www.kmp.ca

  13. The mustang is one lovely aircraft …full stop . Without the British merlin engine it was going to be a second or maybe just another fighter aircraft .

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