Knife-edge Tail Slide — Master this 3D Maneuver in four easy steps

Knife-edge Tail Slide — Master this 3D Maneuver in four easy steps
Over the years and with the evolution of aircraft design, aerobatic airplanes have become more maneuverable—and now they push the limits of flight! Factors like light wing loadings, large control surfaces with powerful authority, and excessive amounts of power make the “once impossible” maneuvers a reality. One such maneuver that has come about in recent years iKnifeEdgeSlides the knife-edge slide, also referred to as the death slide or knife-edge elevator. It has become quite a popular stunt for the brave!

Throughout this column we will examine a few basic flight setup techniques that are required to result in a consistent and predictable airframe. Then we will explore the control inputs needed to perform this figure with utmost accuracy. Without further delay, let’s get started!


As a starting point, always begin with the control surface deflection amounts, exponential settings, and the center of gravity.


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