Kyosho Macchi M33

Kyosho Macchi M33

The summer is just starting to heat up, so what better time to head out to the water with a floatplane? This Macchi from Kyosho makes it easy with this scale 1925 racer. Intended for a .40 to .46 2-stroke or .52 to .56 4-stroke, this full-house model has a 57-inch wingspan and has a watertight fuselage. It’s easy to access the servos and linkages via the hatch on top of the nose section, and a submersible rudder makes water taxiing easy. See you at the lake!Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Kyosho Macchi M33

Updated: May 13, 2011 — 3:01 PM


  1. Beautiful, but why so small. With all of work that went into designing that model, you could have added a 2 piece wing and made it 72 to 80 inch. Now THAT would be something!


  2. I would love to have one. Where can I get one?

    1. Kyosho’s U.S. site is I don’t see this on their website so they may not be distributing this in the U.S. That’s too bad, because it’s a nice-looking plane.

  3. No – Why so big, why not backyard electric??

  4. The M33 is on website. It sells for $431.00 us, plus shipping. A friend now at Homestead AFB brought one home and he says it flys great on the Mag .52 4-stroke. Used Futaba radio.

  5. Hmmm… funny! I asked Kyosho if they were going to distribute the M33 in the American Continent at some point, and answered with a big and pompous NO. Maybe, they are experimenting some crisis too, so it’s time for expanding sales. Nevertheless, $431.00 + shipping! No way. There is a set of plans on the web for those who still like building their own planes. I just got them today… free of charge.

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