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Curtiss P40 Warhawk 50




The Curtis P-40 Fighter Bomber with the distinctive shark mouth painted on its nose was one of the most recognizable during World War II. Used by the Army Air Corps and the United Kingdom, this famous aircraft exceeded 300 mph with the 1360 HP Allison engine and eventually the Rolls Royce with more improvements to the airframe. The Kyosho P-40 is an “E” model sporting six 12.7mm wing mounted cannons of which 2,320 were produced.


Kyosho now produces this famous fighter/bomber with a precise factory assembled balsa and light ply main fuselage, tail feathers and wings. All surfaces are expertly covered with a strong lightweight covering. The covering material is applied in layers to replicate the unique camouflage pattern with decals already applied for you. Noteworthy is the rounded shape of the fuselage and the concave rear cockpit windows. The attention to detail carries through to the fiberglass cowl and is painted to match the fuselage colors.


Available: March 2009





Kyosho Master Coat – Expertly covered in high-quality color film, so only a short time is needed for completion.

Equipped With Retracts – Equipped with retractable undercarriage with linkage rods installed. Also, the leg strut covers automatically open and close with the retracts.

Split Flaps – Realistic split flaps provide excellent lift and speed control during landings and takeoffs, as well as reproducing true fighter plane flying performance. Includes split flaps just like a original. Not only used in landings and takeoffs, but also used to fly like a true fighter of the day.

GP Power – In addition to a standard 4-cycle 50-class engines, various other engines can be mounted for a choice of flight styles. However, the specified engine class delivers excellent flight performance.

Fully Adjustable – Spacious radio room allows various size servos to be used. C of G can also be changed according to engine choice.

Camouflage Print – Fuselage is pre-covered in complicated camouflage printed ?MasterCote’ film and the unique shape of the cowling has been recreated in pre-painted FRP.

Easy Taxiing – Equipped with rudder connected tailwheel. Allows free control for taxiing and greater appreciation of scale form in landings and takeoffs.

Supper Light Weight – Lightweight fuselage structure is almost fully assembled and built from balsa.

Pre- Installed – Pre-installed retractable undercarriage is complete with linkages.

2 or 3 Blades – Includes replication of the Curtiss unique spinner. Slight modifications allow 2-blade or 3-blade propellers to be fitted.

True Replica – Subtle curves of the cowling have been accurately recreated in pre-painted FRP.



260cc Fuel tank

Equipped with retracts undercarriage


Rudder connected tailwheel

Linkage parts

Special spinner for 2-blade or 3-blade propeller

Required For Operation


R/C System / 6-channel, 7-servo (6 x standard servo + 1 x low profile retract servo) for airplanes

Engine / 4-cycle 52-56, 2-cycle 40~46

Propeller / D10xP6-D13xP7

Engine starting tools and fuel

Batteries for R/C system

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