Lockheed Martin’s new high-tech quad rotor

Lockheed Martin’s new high-tech quad rotor

This new recon quad can go from box to flight in just a few minutes and can fly for over 40 minutes! It even has built-in autopilot so the pilot doesn’t need to have previous RC experience. Watch the video and check out the controller with built-in screen … very cool! Thanks to AzoRobotics.com’s Nick Gilbert for this story and Lockheed Martin for the video.

The new small vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft system from Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies has been unveiled. This versatile solution provides an instant clear picture of any specific scenario, and serves to be the best solution of choice for first responders, warfighters, and for those in urban, small cluttered environments.

Weighing just 5-lb, this robust VTOL quad rotor, dual-sensor platform consists of perch and stare capability, and an extended hover. It effectively delivers aerial reconnaissance for military, civil and commercial customers within crowded areas and also performs missions that are impossible with fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systems. The gimbal mount of VTOL features a laser illuminator and electro-optical and infrared sensors for achieving consistent 360-degree panning capability.

The compact, portable VTOL is being incorporated with Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies’ proven Kestrel 3 autopilot, and effective for instant implementation in up to 40 minute-long operation. The foldable VTOL platform can be dismantled and packed into a compact unit, without requiring any special tools for assembly.

The VTOL system features a wireless hand controller through which simple interface can be achieved for intuitive, seamless vehicle operation. In order to achieve full ground control station capabilities, the Virtual Cockpit v3.0 consists of in-flight re-tasking features, user-friendly 3-D map interface, full waypoint navigation, and powerful mission planning tools.

The VTOL is capable of landing and collecting surveillance data from a remote location, followed by taking wings to reach its destination.

Updated: August 9, 2012 — 5:24 PM


  1. I guess seeing it fly is still classified.

    1. click on the picture and theres a video on you tube

  2. Yah! But where can one buy it?

  3. Fantastic, i like to buy one of these machines

  4. Even if I had the dollars I bet the current administration would not let an individual buy it.

  5. I wonder what sort of batteries it is using that enable it to have a 40 minute fligt time?

  6. Let me guess. Five million bucks. And replacement props are $3,000 – right?

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